Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update March 21st 2018





Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Visp/Nain for lotsa herbs! Much appreciated


Farewell to: Wobbs as an Officer. Wobbs has served in Officerly ways for the Guild since Cata when he lead our second raid team. Over the years he has taken on different roles, been chief Chef at Guild Meets and general all round lovely, decent, good egg! Some of you who have joined recently may not know him as he is a Naval Officer from the Netherlands and has been at sea now for longer periods of time over the last year. While this hasn't given him much time as of late to play WoW, he has been directing his energies elsewhere with the result that he is well on his way to commanding his own ship! So massive congratulations to our Guild's real Captain! It is with regret that we see him step down due to work commitments and while we will miss him as an Officer, he will still be around when he isn't off sailing the seven seas, so make sure to give him a hearty welcome when he has the time to pop in for a visit. Thanks Wobbs for all your work, support and good humour over the past 8 or so years!

Last Week's Roundup:

Wed: We worked our way through our Mythic farm bosses, swapping people in and out every fight based on who needed gear. I have to say that actually, this did go pretty smoothly and all those waiting in the wings for the next fight then would attend where ready and on time for summons. Good job all of you. It was however a pain to organise and probably did end in some loss of focus. Where appropriate we may do this again, but on a smaller scale. Perhaps one or two people swapping in for specific bosses, rather than a rota of about 7! It's so great to have so many of you signing for raids, the fact that our roster can work this well at this stage of the expansion is brilliant. We did clear all the way to Kin'garoth in one night, so that was great work from all.


Sun: Kin'garoth was next on the agenda and on our 3rd attempt (we arent counting the ninja-pull!) he went down amazingly easily! Kinda felt like a farm boss rather than a progress boss! This has been good work guys, so well done and happy 7/11! For the rest of the evening and Monday we worked on Vari and had much fun discovering exactly HOW OP our locks are, generally being not too cuddly with each other for side swaps and way too cuddly for necrotic swaps! Tal got way too carried away with Erotic Embraces, Uz declared himself to be Hot Sugar, so with that and all the cuddling I'm amazed that we arent announcing a few Guild Weddings. On top of that, I discovered that the terms 'What else' 'Who else' 'Whoever else' 'Whatever else' and any other variation including the word 'Else' is rather dangerous, having moved out and nearly given myself Alone in the Darkness thinking someone was calling I had a debuff I hadn't noticed! 'Else' is hereto banned, while 'Ellz' obviously isnt!


This Week:


We will proceed as usual this week with a HC Argus followed by Mythic clear starting Wed and working our way through the rest of the week. This evening Ray will be coming just to Imonar to heal so I will need to sit one person out. Dirm will also heal Imonar and be on standby for Command which we are gonna try to 4 heal first!

Wed: HC Argus + Mythic Farm: Standbys: Bonbo, Ida  (Ray for Imonar) (Out - Thana/Styhl)


Sun: Mythic Clear + Vari progress: Standbys: Bonbo, Ida, (Thana/Uz Out)


Mon: Progress: Standbys: Bonbo, Uz, Thana


In Other News:


Mythic Farm Gear:


I forgot to nag you all both on Sun and Mon about updating the Mythic Gear spreadsheet, so would you all please do that asap. Cru, Bonbo, Averte.. you 3 have yet to do this at all! We are going to clear all this week and then look at skipping bosses after Easter. On that note, you may have noticed that there are no raids for Easter Sunday and Monday in the calendar and we will be taking a break over that weekend.


HC Antorus Alt Runs:


Good job and thanks to all who came along on Friday to help us get not one, but TWO lockouts for Argus HC and take the pressure off Cy clearing it in a pug every week. There were people who wanted to bring Alts along that werent allowed to as we wanted a fast, guarenteed run through so we are looking at having a fun alt night where there is no pressure to clear the entire raid. We will come back to you on that, so watch the forum/calendar for more details.


Raid Loot:


I need all of you to come with RCLootCouncil addon this evening as we will be trialing this as a new way of dealing with Master Loot. It's a small addon that will pop a window up for you as we run to deal with trash for the next boss where you need to click need/greed/mog etc. You don't need to do anything with the addon itself - Cookie will edit it to how she wants it to work, so just install it and come along.


This will really show us who reads the Weekly News! :D




This is the last week we will be using Mumble, so get Discord downloaded and watch the forums for Cy's guide this week. We will move to this on Wednesday next week (28th)


Right, that was the News. Lets have a great week!