Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update March 14th 2018

It was!!!!!!!




Guild News:


Welcome home this week to: Mivz aka The Sheriff. We get Mivzy back for another month, so beware you fast loggers and forgetful Hello and Goodbyers and hurrah for the rest of us!


Also back: Averte from his travels to the States - I've not heard that he has contracted some rare Amercian disease, cut off any appendages, or ended up being thumped for rescuing fair maidens yet.. so hopefully he will be back in the raid on Sunday!


Last Week's Roundup:

Wed: 5/6 Mythics. Our 6-Mythic challenge was on again on Wed and we certainly got to Imonar earlier than usual mainly due to not having an Argus lockout and not wiping repeatedly on Hasabel! However we did kinda hit a bit of a block with Imonar which saw us wiping for an hour. Some of this was due to missing Averte.. and dare I say it The Zubs! Bridge crossings without their explosions seemed way more tricky. (It was also DAMN QUIET!!)


Sun: After a little chat about dealing with the bridge we managed to get Imonar down in 5 attempts and set off to Kin'garoth. Our second attempt saw us at 25% but we never managed to better that for the evening. While there was definate improvement on bomb exploding, there were still way too many early deaths from Ruiner and people killing themselves and each other with bombs.


Mon: We started the evening killing Aggy and Argy on HC then took a deep breath and faced Trashcan again. There were improvements and on our 9th attempt we got to 4%!!!! (Logs say 3, but we all said 4 at the time and thats the pic I found!) This would have been a kill if people had continued to kill the Robot instead of swapping onto the boss! We could be 7/11 if this had happened and looking at Vari!! It seemed, however that we had given our everything to that attempt and never made it back close for the rest of the night. However, we now KNOW we can do this. So, lets go do it huh!

The Coming Week:


We have quite a busy week ahead.


Wed Mythic clear is way over-subscribed and we have a new Hunter coming along to check us out. So having asked you all to fill out the Mythic Gear sheet (shame on you those who havent) and in Averte's Assassinations absence I have sat down and worked out who needs what and who WE need to kill each boss and have decided to swap people in and out for each boss. Our problem, as ever is we have too many melees. 11 of you. Now, this could be disasterous if you don't all co-operate! So the plan is all tanks/ranged/healers are in for every fight. I'm also keeping 3 melee in all fights: Cy, Zubs, Diddi. This is due to leading, high dps and having so cruelly missed an entire week last week :D The rest of melee will be swapped in and out each fight as shown below:


  • Garothi:     IN: Thana/Nain/Styhl/Light   OUT: Ida/Ray/Tun            If no Zubs: Tun in
  • Hounds:     IN: Ida/Styhl/Tun/Nain         OUT: Light/Ray/Thana     If no Zubs: Light in
  • Command: IN: Light/Nain/Ray/Ida        OUT: Styhl/Thana/Tun      If no Zubs: Styhl in
  • Hasabel:    IN: Ray/Ida/Thana/Tun       OUT: Light/Styhl/Nain       If no Zubs: Nain in
  • Eonar:       IN: Light/Thana/Tun/Ray     OUT: Ida/Styhl/Nain         If no Zubs: Ida in
  • Imonar:     IN: Ray/Ida/Nain/Styhl         OUT: Light/Thana/Tun     If no Zubs: Tun in

This should give all of you your main spec gear needs and work with what classes/roles we need to fill each fight. Its been very complicated to organise, we do need to make sure we have the right combo as well. Any complaints should be directed to Cy on his instructions!


This will only work if those of you in for the next fight are sat on mumble and ready for summons and accepting them right away. We will keep those who just killed a boss to clear trash to the next while loot is being done, then they need to hearth out so the next 4 can be summoned. Be on the ball! If any of you being swapped in and out would prefer to have an entire night off, then speak to me and I will adjust the plan. However you HAVE to get the go-ahead from me personally, don't leave a message somewhere and just not turn up!!


We will try this for just this week and if its a total disaster we will just rota all melee out per week, so it is in your interests to make this work!


Please note: We will NOT be doing Argus HC this evening.


Sun Progression: Standbys: Cru/Light


Mon Progression: Standbys: Cru/Bonbo/Light/Styhl


Friday: HC Run


As you know Cy has been doing pug HCs every week to the Aggy one so that we can farm Argus for pretty things. This is getting to be a pain now, and the idea that my Mage lockout to Argus would work, proved to be a falsehood! So, we need to do one more run with a perma lockout on a character that will actually does more than stand at the back looking cute and dying spectacularly. So, on Friday I will bring my Druid and get a lockout we can use each week.


This is of course optional attendance, but all in the Mythic team who can make it would be very much appreciated. Its a lockout for you guys! However, we do appreciate that you are sick and tired of HCs, so those in the Mythic team who have alts geared to 950 and above AND know how to play them to do excellent DpS/HpS are welcome to come along. We tried Alt Run HCs previously and frankly it wasn't a great success, we spent the entire evening there instead of a couple of hours and didn't manage to kill Argus. This is mainly because even though an Alt might be geared, not all of us play our alts as well as we do our mains. obviously! So, if you want to bring an Alt and it's not up to scratch we will ask you to go get your main, or to step out. This isn't an evening to boost people. You come, you pull your weight and we pretty much one-shot everything so we can get it over and done with. We will then have a perma lockout.


In Other News:


Discord: Advance notice

We have decided to trial Discord and hopefully move to it on a permanent basis at the end of this month when the latest Mumble contract runs out. All of you will need to download this and get it set up ready. Next week Cy will have a little guide post on how to do this and a link to our server there. There are a lot of features that Discord have compared to Mumble and we think the quality is pretty much the same. Should we find that we don't like it, there is always the option to go back - but we think it's probably time to move WITH the times and give this a go.


Mythic Gear List:


This is the last opportunity to fill out the TLDR spreadsheet and say what gear you still need from Mythic bosses. Those of you who havent yet - get to it!


Bad Book:


There have been numerous errors of judgement, crimes against humanity, atrocities, breaches of conduct, transgressions and derelictions of duties this week that have resulted in numerous guild members being bad booked! Main reasons for bad booking are:


  • Failure to greet your fellow guildies on arrival
  • Failure to bid farewell to your fellow guildies on departure
  • Failure to follow the 5 second rule, also known as premature logging (the shame should be punishment enough!)
  • Snitching
  • Being cheeky
  • Just... well, just being...

As I have mentioned, Mivz is back and part of his sheriff duty is to ensure compliance, so be prepared for stringent application of the guild rules! Also be prepared that the management reserves the right to bad book on a whim, in an unfair manner and with no warning or explanation if they don't feel like it. Complaints can be sent to the usual email address and will be dealt with in due course. 'Due' being one of those whim things.


In one example this week, Tac was bad-booked twice in a little under 10 mins and 3 times in total over one game session. Firstly for failure to say hello, then as you will see from the chat below, then for forgetting to say goodbye!




Let that be a lesson to you all!

Have a great week, lets get that Trashcan kill!