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Weekly Update Jan 10th 2018

2/11 Mythic!




Guild News:

Guild Bank Donations: Rather light this week! We have 2 more weeks until ROTM and will require some vantus runes after this week, so any 'relevant' mats you guys have knocking about would be appreciated.


Last Week's Round-up:


Wednesday saw our best HC run-through to date! One shots on all but Vari, and that was an early mix-up with the debuff that barely counts as a wipe at all! Excellent progress there everyone! If we can repeat this tonight I think we can officially say we have HC on farm :D After the HC run we went into Mythic and 2-shot Garothi and took the last hour of the raid as an early finish to reward ourselves. The Officer team met up to relook at Hounds Mythic in preparation for Sunday's raid and we went back there to deal with the dogs on Sunday. Our previous attempt before Xmas had been a little chaotic and Sunday despite having a better strategy was still a bit of a struggle. Co-ordinated movement is always a difficult for us, perhaps for many teams.. but this is something we really need to improve on. In some fights those of us who have a hard time with mechanics can often get away with it through a quick rez, or we have sufficient DpS to lose a couple of people and still make the kill. On most Mythic bosses this is more likely to result in a wipe through hitting the enrage timer, or just not having enough people to manage the mechanics. I cannot stress enough how important it is that all of you understand each mechanic in detail and listen carefully to instructions. DpS meters matter on the kill, not on early attempts - so focus on mechanics first and worry about DpS once you have those down pat. Mythic raiding is for sure a level up and asks for a higher skill level, a higher standard of focus. I don't have worries about us getting there.. but it would be nice to get there faster sometimes!


On Monday we had a bit of a attendance disaster! Averte ended up in hospital, Doll ended up in bed with flu and with Nain on holiday, Tun recovering from being hospitalized with Flu and Rae recovering from man-flu (sry, if it dont land you in hospital you are in the wuss room!), Bon and Mads working, Mivz in Russia - we suddenly went from 27 available raiders to 18. Good job Tac and me who showed up even WITH the flu! We pulled Light in and having had a MO healer speak to me earlier in the week about the possibility of joining us for a HC run, I asked him to join us to make the 20th. We went into the fight with Light, Styhl and Chumble from MO having missed the previous night.. but we did it on the 10th attempt! Good job everyone and particularly those 3 who played catch-up fast - particular mention too for the banter during this fight's progress which keep spirits up!


We then took some time on High Command to get a grasp on mechanics there with a best of 56%. Mine management and add focus is going to be the key to this fight and we will get this sorted this week. Good job team - 5th on server, lets keep it up!


This Week's plan:


Wed HC clear: We will be having Light and (possibly) Wobbs join us this evening so they will be playing catch-up a little. Also as a thank you to Chumble for his help on Monday evening, he will be joining us on his Pally for the HC clear.


Wed Mythic: Ida heal for Doll. Mads standby for Visp or Averte. Rae (Tentative)/Light/Wobbs/Solitaire out.


Sun Mythic: Rae/Tun Standbys


Mon Mythic: Mads/Rae/Bon/Nain(Tentative) Standbys

In Other News:


It has been an action packed other news week!


Firstly, some of us will remember Dieza's squeals of excitement some time ago in M+ Arcway when he discovered his enslaved mob. This was nearly matched by Ida this week when he realised Pepe on a bear was a thing of utter beauty and proudly showed him off!




Mythic kills as I have said require considerable focus and patience and this week during wipes we managed a good deal of hilarity to keep our spirits up. From Levy kicking Averte and then Zubs from the raid, to my mistaking Dieza's 'Little Thingy' for Tac's 'Little Thingy', to Zubs offering to blow Thana later, to Averte's apparent obsession with viennetta's and to adding an additional service to Zub's promise of shaved and tanned legs at the next guild meet with:




We also had a couple of note-worthy wipes, one from Dieza, which Thana attributed to actually being from Zubs in Dieza disguise, to Bonbo's Gaze dance which had the Shadow team moving in what could only be a credible challenge to the Olympic syncronised swimming team, earnimg him a temporary Bad Book exile from Cy.


Out of raid, apart from Ida's Pepe discovery, I had to witness him having a rather disturbing conversation and pebbles and pidgeon's bottoms.. still don't recall where that started.


Divine Retribution's Policy on Harrassment:


There has been much news in the world regarding this topic and in the world of gaming this is no less of a problem. As a Guild we need to ensure that we respect people's boundaries and behave with the highest levels of consideration to other guildies. Boundaries are a personal thing and making others aware of yours is important so they understand where they can and cannot go. In light of this, a little incident this week, Ida as Hirah illustrated the need for this perfectly:





Please take note!


Right - lets have a great week, and a 3rd Mythic boss kill please!


























#1 Diddi 2018-01-10 14:08
Haha can't stop laughing a little looking back at all the fun we had last week :D

So nice to finally kill the dogs and looking forward to get high command down this week!