Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Dec 20th 2017

1st Mythic down and a Very Happy Christmas to all!




Guild News:


Grats on promotion to Member to: Tac and Ida.. feels like they have been here way longer than just 2 weeks tho, having helped us out with Mistress before they joined us, guess they have! Great to have both of you onboard, it's been a real pleasure to get to know you both a bit better and we look forward to more of that, some more banter, some more dead bosses as well.


As a little addition to that news, Ida will be switching to his Druid and playing Kitty but also serving as an additional backup healer should we need him. Ida played Bear before he joined us and as we didnt have a tank spot decided to try out his Mage. However, playing his druid is where his heart really is and this also helps us out re. healing and takes some pressure off Heli! A pretty good result all round.


Last week's roundup:


Coven proved a challenge again this week, but we got to 9/11 dead by the end of Wed's raid and set about thrashing Aggy before our first progress boss of the week on Sunday. Having edged close to a kill last week, Argus was the next head on our chopping block and we knocked him down and out of the game (until next time) in pretty good time! 11/11 HC cleared we zipped back to Dalaran to collect our mounts and parade them proudly outside the office. We did have a little follower which Averte managed to persuade to move aside for the photo opportunity and then we headed back into the raid on Mythic for some tries on the first boss. On Monday we returned to get our first Mythic boss down! Go us !


The Hounds proved a little more problematic. Cy and I had spent 2 hours going through tactics for the first two bosses, but while Garothi worked out pretty much as we had visualised, Hounds turned out to be another matter entirely. There arent that many guides out there at the moment, something we aren't really used to on Mythic as we usually take a bit longer to get there. The one we did find wasnt terribly clear, and given that even directions on the basic movement of the Fire Hound caused some confusion, I decided perhaps seeing the fight without more instructions would be a better plan. It didn't really work out like that, and both Cy and I felt the rest of the evening got a little out of our usual control! So I'd like to apologise for that. It's totally understandable that everyone will start jumping in if there isnt firm leadership and we will go back and look at the fight again and come up with a stronger plan for next time. Officers, there will be a post in the Officer's forum about organising a date early Jan to do this, so as many of you that can join for that would be appreciated. Anyone else that has suggestions or ideas, please speak to Cy about them ahead of that time.


However, we end 2017 1/11M and 11/11 HC, 6th on the server. This is a great result for us! Good job everyone, think this officially makes 2017 our most successful progress year after our 4th spot in Tomb. Great team effort, spirit and determination. Cheer's all round!


Christmas arrangements:


This evening we will go straight into HC and clear as much as we can, leaving 20 mins or so at the end for a Normal Argus if we don't get there before raid end on HC. We then have a two-week raid break, returning on 3rd Jan with our normal schedule. We will not be running Normal Argus anymore given that we should have him on farm on HC! Feel free to pug all of it as you wish after tonight. In addition, the next weekly news will also be on Jan 3rd.


There is an optional raid on Wed 27th Dec should we have enough people, otherwise we may do some Mythic+ for those around and willing.

In Other News:


Mythic Roster:


As per my forum post last week, with 23/24 raiders all commited to 3 nights we are having to select a team for Mythic Raids rather than me run around finding the 20 we need. All Main Team and Auxillary Raiders are welcome to come on Wednesdays for the HC clear and should that run into Sunday's to that too. Once we switch to Mythic, then we will be asking people to sit out on a turn taking basis, with Raiders of the Month have priority for a spot. In order to give people as much notice as possible so they are free to organise other things, you signing ahead is just as important. On a normal week raids will be locked on a Monday evening as usual, and Role Leaders will then select those to sit out so that you can all be informed on Wed evening when they see you in the raid if you are sitting out for the Sun/Mon Mythics. Raids for week commencing 3rd Jan will be locked as usual on the Monday before (Jan 1st), so this is just a little advance warning about signing for that week as you won't have me nagging you on the Monday before as we aren't raiding!




And all that leaves me, is to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, wishing you all a lovely time with family/friends and a good break. Enjoy! and I look forward to seeing you all back ready for some more fun and games in Antorus in the New Year!


.....and for those of you who opened the website at work today and got caught out by the music... you should know better by now!! :D






#1 Nainjo 2017-12-20 15:05
Great job Ellz! :D