Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Dec 13th 2017

10/11 HC



Guild News:


Grats on promotion to Member: Very pleased to welcome Nain on a permanent basis to Member! Nain has quickly integrated into the guild, involving himself not just with raiding, but Mythic+ and like our Diddi 100% mumble attendance even if AFK! Good to have you here Nain.


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Gnomy who provided us with 3 weeks worth of Vantus Runes


Farewell to: Mivz who has his last raid for 4 weeks or so with us this evening before he heads back to Russia where he will be spending Christmas and New Year. Safe journeys Mivzy, see you at the end of Jan.


Christmas and NY arrangements: We will be taking a raid break for 2 weeks, with a possible Antorus run on 27th if enough people are around and interested. Sign up in the calendar.


Grats on Raider of the Month to:
Cru, Cy, Dieza, Ellz, Diddi, Levy, Mads, Mivz, Tal, Term, Cookie, Visp and Uz


See you in the pub later!


Last week's roundup:


Thanks to Cy we started in on Antorus normal at Argus and then switched to HC, getting 10/11 bosses down over the 3 nights. Our new bosses were Coven and Aggramar. Coven took some time - reports were that this was harder than Aggramar and Argus and we certainly found this to be true so far. However, once we got into the rhythm of dodging about 6 abilities, handling 4 different sets of adds, healing 6 different debuffs, stacking, spreading, running and finding some time to hit things... it was a breeze! A hectic but fun fight in my opinion. Aggy was almost as much fun watching Term and Levy playing tag. Our CC'ers had a lot of the responsibility required in this fight and having different people each night meant we needed a little time to get used to that, but they did a grand job and with Heli assisting with healing the masses of damage we emerged triumphant.


Argus difficulty had been increased a little since the first week, but actually this still feels pretty easy for a last boss. Not that we didn't have problems with it! Mistakes were most certainly made, but we got the the final phase 4 times, with 2 of those @ 7%. The first 7% took over 10 mins and the second time we got to that we made it in 8.45 min! So much progress made. This is going down. Good job everyone.


The Week Ahead:


We will repeat our plan this week, with Argus normal this evening followed by a HC clear and then any remaining time into Mythic. Argus being the only HC progression boss, we simply need to become more familiar with that last phase, swirlies need to be avoided, dying adds need to be moved away from and we will be switching Hero to the last phase - so come prepared to dodge that cone and pick up those Orb buffs for a little longer than you did last week!


In Other News:


Enough with the Gnome-Hate:


There have been increasing numbers of Gnomes in our raids, a situation which seems to have been mirrored by an increasing number of anti-gnome comments! Enough already! Gnome Love is alive and strong in DR!




If your fearless Assistant GM can show the love.. so can the rest of you!


Over and out.