Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Dec 6th 2017

Week One: 17 kills




Guild News:


Grats on Promotion to Raider: This actually happened last Wed as a little surprise start to the new raid, but here it is again all official-like! Diddi and Mads - having made a significant contribution to the raid team since HC Kil-J we felt that although they didn't do the whole tier with us on HC, to suffer the wipes at Kil-J as an intro to the guild was enough to prove their worth, let alone all the hard work getting to 6/9 Mythics down. Both Diddi and Mads not only have quickly become an integral part of the team, performing extremely well in raids, they have also become part of the furniture of the Guild! Total pleasure having both of you here guys. Thanks and well done!


Grats on Promotion to Member: Tun and Rae have been with us over 2 weeks now, it's been lovely getting to know both of you both in raids and out of them! Both have fit into the Guild with complete ease - so great to have you both here and we look forward to our adventures together.


Welcome to: Tac and Ida. It was a complete pleasure getting to know these two during our MO collaboration on 'TNB' and while recruitment wasn't the aim of that, it is a testament to all of you that we proved to be so irresistable as a team they just had to come on over and join us. Both are very experienced and talented players and I know will prove to be a huge asset to the DR team.


Weekly Roundup:


Fresh on the heels of our Mythic TNB triumph we started Antorus this week with more raiders than you can shake a stick at. And boy did we all shake our sticks. Wed we cleared 8/11 normal, lets face it - it wasn't much of a problem and then finished the normals off on Sunday with even MORE raiders in the team! 26 on Sunday and Monday saw not only 11 normals cleared, but 6 HCs done and dusted. There were a couple where we did have to think a bit, but with quite a few new members and I think the largest team since the start of WoD, things went pretty smoothly!


So far the fights have been varied, interesting and pretty fun and given we will be here for almost a year, good job too! I hope you all enjoyed our first week in the new raid and are looking forward to some challenges ahead.


This Week's Plan:


This evening we will start with Argus on Normal, taking a lockout to farm the Trinkets and then get straight back into HCs. We will clear the fights we have done on HC and continue progress. If we manage to get 11/11 before Monday raid end, we will start Mythics. We are gonna play this by ear really. There are some raids where the first Mythic is way easier than the last HC and while everything I've heard doesnt suggest Argus is going to prove a huge block to our progress, we still have 5 to go so will have to wait and see!


As I mentioned in the general post in Raid Tactics, we have 30 raiders now and while we will rarely have all 30 in any one raid, that is a big team! Particularly with 4 healers. While I do still see this as an opportunity for you lot to focus on handling mechanics and managing avoidable damage, I wouldn't want to hold up progress so it might be that we have to call on Heli to assist on some of the later fights where the damage is pretty heavy. Please also all be on the ball with signing, turning up on time and properly prepared etc.


We also need to fit Timewalking in this week!


In Other News:




Recruitment is closed for the time-being. We have a group of new and relatively new Guildies to settle in and not an inch of space in the raid team, so let's enjoy doing that!




With such a big team raiding, I'd just like to remind people what a great addon GTFO is for helping you all step out of crap that burns your toes :D


Also, Dynamic Cam - Cy uses this as do some others and I highly recommend those of you who don't to check it out. It changes the way you are able to view fight arena's and on bosses like Kin'garoth gives you a much improved view of what is going on around you. One tip from me though - test this out in a dungeon and not in the raid! I managed mess up settings and do M+ last night with my camera zooming in and out all over the place, wasn't a lot of fun!




We have never taken much of an organised approach to Mythic+, however we are now having a lot more people wanting to do them and with the cap moving to a +15 for the top rewards, this is getting more challenging. Some of you don't mind pugging these, but there are lots who would rather do these with a guild group so we are looking to try and organise these a bit better. There's a post in the forum on this so head over and respond there.