Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Nov 29th 2017

It's a whole new raid... no, really!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Nainjo, who joins the team for adventures in Antorus! His intro is in the forum, so head over there to say hi!


I have another couple of announcements regarding the raid team to make, however these will be done in raid this evening as a little surprise and will get their official news announcement next week. I know.. its almost too thrilling to bear. New raid, surprise announcements.. can you even cope with the anticipation.


Last Week's Roundup:


Week 3 of TNB (The Naga-Bitch) started on Wednesday with us having a sort-of night off with an Alt run through ToS on HC as we were missing a couple of key people to progress on Mistress. We had set Sunday aside as our last ditch attempt on TNB before the new raid and with our MO friends turned up all ready to continue progress after our 1.3% wipe on the previous Monday. First attempt, the warm-up! got us to 15 % and then bam, second to 3%. Nice early night I thought! 18 wipes later we stood there with 7 mins to raid end and decided we WOULD be able to make one final night on Monday. Of the 18 wipes we had, we had gotten sub 5% 5 times and decided that we would re-group the following night, but have one last attempt. 'Just cos we could' with our remaining 6 mins.


It was a typical DR Last Pull of the Evening. The fight took 6.56 mins. Our first death happened at 5.57. That's what did it. 20 of us alive into the last phase, 16 of us alive when she finally went down with those final deaths right at the last min. I kinda wished we had been recording it as mumble exploded with triumph! Guys, what can I say. Bloody well done. For those in the Guild not raiding with us presently, you need to understand just how special this kill was. Not only did we have just over 200 wipes on this boss, this boss is known as a Guild-Breaker. Under 3000 Guilds have killed this in the entire world, with 8k having killed the first Mythic boss of the raid. Guilds have quit raiding at this boss, Guilds have disbanded at this boss. This wasn't just about getting the next Mythic down, or really about where it put us on the server. It was about us as a team proving to ourselves that we could do it. I couldn't be prouder. Not just for the kill, but for the attitude of the team. I gave everyone plenty of opportunities to call it a day and take a well-deserved break before the new raid, but everytime I offered that, people said Hell No! Everyone showed up, night after night, wipe after wipe until we found victory. Best DR raid team eva!


Thanks to Ida, Tac and Blaze from MO for joining us this last 2 weeks. Great job guys and has been fun getting to know you a bit! I'd like also to mention those who weren't there for the kill, but who had showed up night after night helping with progression, inching us closer and closer to the final triumph. So huge thank you's to Jags and Rae. You both so deserved to be there for that kill! And also to those who were there helping us throughout Tomb progression, getting us to 4th on the server! To Doll, Light, Styhl, Averte, Gnomy. This is the best position server-wise we have had in our history since we went 20man (possibly ever!) So thanks guys for all your hard work and effort. Take a deep breath cos now it starts all over again!





This coming week:


We are (obviously) heading off this evening for a new adventure into Antorus. We will start this evening on Normal and move directly into HC, pushing progression in preparation for Mythics. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were taking a slightly different approach this raid, trying to push a bit more at the start so that we don't get some of the burn-out that happens when you take a more relaxed approach and end up running weeks of normal runs as well as HC progress. I dunno if this will work - I hear people saying they are burnt out or bored of the raids when we typically start Mythics way later and start to struggle with finding 20. It's worth a go to try a new approach. So, I know you will ALL have watched all the Fat Boss videos, read up on tactics and be ready to rock and roll this evening with our TL:DR tactics by your side. Lets see how we get on! The raid looks a lot of fun, some really interesting fights with quite some variety. Can't wait! DpSer's you will need to join the new chat channel: DRDPS, hosted by your ever-lovely lead Averte. The ranged and melee channels are now combined! Use this channel to ask questions about the fights, discuss ways that as the damage team you can handle the fights.


See you all this evening!