Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Nov 15th 2017

See that... that's gonna die




Guild News:


Thanks for Guild Bank Donations to: Uz for Runes, Visp/Cru for fun stuff! Zubs/Visp for herbs


Raider of the Month:


Congrats to:


Cy, Cookie, Ellz, Diddi, Dieza, Mads, Term, Cookie, Visp


Your goodie bags might be a little late as Levy had no idea till the news today! We will meet in the pub later.


Last Week's Roundup:


Wed: A quick run through ToS HC with alts in tow took just over an hour!


Sun: We cleared Goroth and Harj then set about Mistress. As usual took us a little time to settle into the fight, having different people there changes things considerably for getting adds down in a timely fashion, although Cy says it also changes every attempt as people use different talents or forget not to leave off AoE, or indeed do the opposite! However, we got to a 15% wipe and things seemed much more under control than even last week's attempts!


Mon: Hmmm One of THOSE nights. Inquisition went down, but we called it eventually on Sisters as we just couldnt not seem to get into the right rhythm with this fight and we wanted a full 2 hours on Mistress.


Of our 14 attempts we got to half way twice and then suddenly to the last phase and 18%. Levy warned we would now have a early wipe as it often the case after a good attempt - which I decided to share with the team as a challenge to prove him wrong! And so we did! The next attempt also saw a last phase attempt at 19%.


We were joined for the 2 progress nights by Tac from Mystical Odour and what a nice guy he is! More on that in a bit!


This fight IS ours. We need to get into that last phase more often to plan out the flow of it and be able to anticipate the combinations of abilities. To do that, we need consistent performance in the first phase with no deaths, better performance in the second.. with no deaths. If we can cut down on the early wipes, we have this in the bag. So.. there's the challenge for this week.


This Week's Plan:


We have decided to go all out on Mistress this week. 3 nights, total focus. If we can get this down this week, then you can all have a break next week! So the plan is to do Mistress all 3 nights. Wed we will obv need to clear Goroth and Harj first, but then we will use Inquisition/Sisters/Host only if we need a change of scene towards the end of Sun or Mon evenings. I'd love to have the same team there every night as well, but that just isnt possible. However, we are having two more Mystical Odour guys joining us to make up the numbers!


Come along prepared for some hard work and focus. Have the right talents at the ready and focus on staying alive. Our backups raiders to be used each evening to get us to 20 are:


Wed: Jag+ Rae


Sun: Rae+ Ray


Mon: Jag + Bon


Please do everything you can to make sure you don't miss an evening. I know that there are a lot of you coming along who haven't missed a night throughout ToS - I applaud you! It IS possible this week if we throw everything we have at this to see it dead and get a nice week off before Antorus. Let's do this thing!


IF we kill it early, then we will look at doing an HC run for those of you who signed up this week wanting that, but now find it isn't happening. Sorry about that guys, but we really do need to focus here and I think 3 nights set aside for some consistent progress is our best shot. I will keep you all updated as we go along. Whatever happens this week, I'd like to promise we will do a last one before Antorus.. but I really can't predict that at the moment, it really does depend on how this week goes.


In Other News:


I was passed this screenshot this week:




Thana, Thana... why you even bother trying to hide from what you do, I've no idea. I know all. However, what perturbs me more looking at this conversation is WHAT on earth the other person was doing while this was going on! Way too much sticky substance being generated there by this mystery player. I only see one other name there... Zubs.. I surely hope you washed your hands.


Apologies for this news being a little late today - have had some inet issues, but all is good now! Have a great week!