Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 11th 2017

4M down and Happy Potato week!




Guild News:


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Styhl (Feral), Zubs (Warrior something?), Visp (Frost) Anyone else I missed!


Thanks for Guild Bank Dontations to: Term, Visp, Didi, Uz, Zubs, Cy, Lacer, Mads, Light and Tal - and special thanks to Lacer for his herb-fest event!


Grats on Raider of the Month to:


Levy, Visp, Didi, Py, Uz, Cru, Mads, Cy, Light, Doll, Cookie, Ellz


Levy will be sending out your Goodie Bags and be Master of Ceremonies after tonights Raid for the Grand RotM Giveaway!

Last Week's Roundup:



Excellent results all round this past week! All 3 Mythics went down with over and hour to spare on Wed, our fastest clear yet and we set to working on Sisters. Sunday we had an +alts run through ToS HC and the less said about Maidens there... the better! Monday we resumed working on Sisters with an emphasis on Glaives and Astral Purge management. Cy-School was set up and the fear of having to sit in Dung 1 under Cy's tutelage seemed to have the desired effect as Sisters went down on the 4th attempt! This came as a bit of a surprise to Cy and I, I have to say. Not because we didn't think Sisters was doable at all, but because we are historically notorious for taking way too long managing some mechanics than others. Really, really good work guys - having basically one evening's worth of attempts on this fight if you only count the hours we put in is an excellent result. We then started work on Host and this also feels doable. Our main issue here is people who are unused to being up or down getting used to the mechanics and upping their dps once they are more familiar. Add management and focus is the key to this fight and responding to the target switching rather than watching those meters will win us or lose us victory.




As you will know, we started RBG's this week. We arent a PvP guild and past attempts to get into this world have usually produced some hilarity rather than any success! However, with one of the Artifact Appearances locked behind RBGs we decided to use the opportunity to venture into this once more. Under the expertise of Py we teemed up on Friday evening and set off. Over Fri and Sat we won 4/5! I think most of us were very surprised - there still was much hilarity, but also much success! Personally I spent the time as bait and did most of my activity in Spirit form, but many of the others shone.


One win was frankly outstanding. Imagine the scene, we cap first, Horde cap second. With 4 mins to go we stand before the Horde base (nicely out of range ofc) The Horde are taunting us, jumping about, shouting at us and cheering each other. They are sure of their win and intend to just camp their base and defend to secure success. We stand there wondering what to do when our illustrious leader DC's! Shall we just go kamikaze? I mean what do we have to lose? Py reconnects and now with 3 mins left we rush their base, they storm towards us, blood flows.. mainly ours. Ok, all ours. We die horribly and sit at the Spirit Healer waiting for the seconds to tick down. All the while a sneaky Levy has stealthed into their base, grabbed the flag and arrives at our base just as we Rez and caps seconds before the match ends. You can only imagine their outrage on voice. While most of us sacrificed ourselves for this result, Levy was honestly awesome... that battleground felt as good as downing a Mythic Boss for the first time!


Special thanks also to Py who was patient with us and led brilliantly!


The Coming Week:

We have 20 for every night at the moment with some backups! We will be using HC on Sun/Mon to give us a break from Host progress.


Wed: This evening Py has no Inet, but we also have Noodles back (as yet insigned as he has been away) So I will have Jag in to fill Py's spot please.


Sun: + Noodles. Gnomy as standby please as this is the only night you can make this week.


Mon: + Noodles. Jag as standby please




Wed: Mythic


Thurs: M+


Fri: RBG

Sun: Mythic/HC


Mon: Mythic/HC


Tues: M+


In Other News:


Cy is having a potato holiday starting this Monday! While I for some unknown reason found this incredibly funny, I have since discovered that many other countries also have Potato Holidays! Including, Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden! So Happy Potato week to all and any - and in that theme, lets be like Potatos this week and smash it!