Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 4th 2017

Its RBG time!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Dieza, Lacer and Ray! One week, 3 new members! Dieza and Lacer join us as part of our Mythic team, taking our main team 3-nighters to 20 and Ray joins our backup ranks - she will be attending any HCs we do to gear up and learn the fights become a fully fledged backup for the new raid.


Thanks for Guild Bank donations: Styhl for millions of herbs! Noodles, Mads and Didi for more herbs, Didi, Gnomy, Term for Runes

Last Week's Roundup:


We had 20 all 3 nights! This is like properly a first! This was before our new recruits, although Ray did help us out on Sunday, thankyou! I appreciate that it was very tough to come in with no HC gear or experience, but as a Mythic practice night, you really gave us the chance to work on mechanics we wouldnt have had otherwise, so thanks! Hope the rest of you made the most of having 3 nights Mythic, cos already that is becoming a memory fading into the past when I look at this week.


So, back to last week first. Wed we cleared our 3 Mythic Bosses. Yup, in one night, in 3 hours, with a one-shot on Goroth (our first) 8 on Harjatan (and our second kill on him) and only 3 on Inquisition, our second kill there too. Really, really excellent work everyone. We then had 30 mins on SIsters as we tested out the mechanics and some positioning. Sunday with Ray coming along to make us 20, we spent the evening working on our Sisters approach. This was valuable time spent learning the fight a bit better but tiring and our focus started to wane around the 2 hour mark, so we then switched over to HCs and cleared to Host for some light relief! Armed with the practice from Sunday, on Monday we made some good progress on Sisters, getting to the 3rd phase on a number of occasions. The fight is pretty dull to be fair, very repetitive but also has a huge amount of personal responsibility and co-ordination. Again, focus started to go after 2 hours so we switched and finished off HC, but progress was made and by the end of the attempts it felt much more doable if we can get a steady team there who understand the fight.


This coming week:


Until yesterday evening we were looking at 2 nights Mythic and Sunday for HCs, however I now can't tell you what we will be doing yet as we are only 19 confirmed for tonight, 18/19 for Sunday and 20 on Monday and with no remaining backups for any of those nights. With 2 new raider recruits, having got 20 x3 nights last week this may sound a little strange! We are missing so many people all on the same week ;/ Gnomy is pup sitting, Averte on holiday, Bon working, Noodles away, Py late Sun, and Heli tentative this evening. Seems like even if I recruited for a team of 25 we still wouldn't have everyone here when we need them!  So, if we are 19 tonight we will HC (Ray please come along if you can - will be a good opportunity to get some gear and learn the fights on HC), Sunday will be a night off and Monday we will clear the 3 we have on farm and maybe get some practice on Sisters. If we do have 20 tonight, we will do Mythics Wed/Mon and HC Sun. Thats the best I can tell you at this point.


Sorry guys, after 2 weeks of such great progress, we seem to have ground to a halt yet again. With only a couple of weeks left in this raid, every night is precious!




Update: Wed is now Mythic!


Wed: HC or Mythic depending on numbers


Sun: HC or Night off depending on Wed


Mon: Mythic


Other activities:


Thurs: M+


Fri: RBG

Sat (5pm) RBG


Tues: M+


In Other News:


I don't have any other news this week!