Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 27th

Second Mythic week.. 3/9 !



Guild News:


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Heli (Druid Heal), Light (Ret Pally), Visp (Druid Tank), Gnomy (Various past chars he hasnt been congratulated on!) and meee (Holy and Disc Priest)


Thanks for donations to Guild Bank to: Visp for Runes.. I did some clearing up so I now can't see anything past a couple of days! So thanks to anyone else and we are very short of Starlight Rose if anyone has any spare!


Last Week's Roundup:


Wed we unfortunately had to cancel our Mythic evening as we had a no-show (badlatekate) so did a quick HC run through and then dispersed for an early night. Sunday and Monday we had full teams and hit Mythic again, clearing Goroth and setting to work on Harj which we got down mid-Sunday and had some attempts on Inquisition to test that out. Monday I felt we needed to change our tactics some so grabbed Cy for a chat and a new strat and handy Weak Aura later we had a clearer idea of how we might beat this! It took some attempts to perfect, but we definately could see the progress from the previous evening and even though the kill was a little messy.. it was a kill! With an HOUR to spare! So we headed over to Sisters to test that out and feel that is pretty doable for us as well.


This brought us to 3/9 M and 8th on the server - excellent work everyone!


This Week's Plan:


Wed: Mythic ToS


Thurs: M+


Fri: Weekly - Battlegrounds (see below)


Sun: Mythic ToS if we find one more. HC ToS if not (mains only, quick 1.5 hours and relax!)


Mon: Mythic ToS


Tues: M+


In Other News:


Mythic Progress and Numbers:


We have had an excellent week in Mythic ToS, so firstly congratulations on all of that hard work and focus. This week we have 20 on Wed and Mon - using our backups. Sunday we are currently 19 using all available backups and unless we can recruit someone before then, I have no alternative. So you know what is coming.. bumpy!


We really need to be doing Mythic 3x a week now. Aside from Those 3 first bosses are not yet on farm and will still require a lot of work and attempts to get down although of course that will become easier and easier as the week's go by. The problem being.. we don't have that many weeks! So I cannot stress enough that attendance over the next month before the new raid is going to be crucial. Not showing up to a raid, or dropping out last min is going to really cause us problems, so please, please do everything you can to avoid that happening. This week I have NO remaining backups - so if you don't show, we don't raid.


This Sunday we are one short for Mythic. Having this additional night really will make the difference to us getting 4/9 Mythic - so if there is anyone who isnt currently signed who could make us 20 on Sunday, please let me know asap. Also if anyone has a friend who might like to join just for the evening that you think is up to it in terms of output and gameplay, again speak to me. Other than that, we might get lucky with recruiting.


Rated Battlegrounds:


Last week I mentioned that we would get a group together to farm RBGs to get the Challenge Artifact skins and for general fun! Thanks to all that added their names to the forum post - however, no one on the list already actually replied with when they would be able to make it! So Py and I have decided that we will just pick a night and make events in the calendar - if you want in sign. We are aiming to have one evening and a Sat afternoon for this adventure into PvP !


We do actually have a hell of a lot going on with 3 nights raiding and Mythic+ and then some weeks where we also have TW or other Weekly events. We are going to start the RBG's from next Wed, so keep your eyes out to sign up once the event goes up and I will announce the evening in the Weekly News from next week.


This week the event is Battlegrounds and while these won't count towards the 10 we need to get the skin, Py and I thought it would be a good opportunity for people to get the weekly done with the Guild and for those who don't have BG experience to get some training in! So this week on Friday evening, Py will be on Mumbles to take whoever can get there through. You can only go in teams of 5, but I'm sure we can get everyone through who wants it. Py will be making the event in the calendar so be sure to look out for it and sign up!


Right thats my lot this week - have a good one.