Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 20th 2017

1/9 Mythic




Guild News:


Grats on promotion to Member to: Lightcrow! Good to welcome you officially into the fold Light. Wishing you a long and happy DR experience!


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Light for flasks, Gnomy for gem chips, Cy for runes, Visp for food and runes, Doll for food mats, Mivz and Didi for herbs and runes


Farewell this week to: Mivz who is off back to Russia for another month.


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Zubs (Warrior), Heli (Warrior) and Bonbo (Mage) and ofc.. any others that I missed !




Last Week's roundup:



Much raiding was done last week! Having finished our holiday break and with almost a full team for all 3 nights we started our Mythic adventure in ToS. We had Wed and Mon with full teams, so Sunday we did a fast (hour and a half - fastest so far!) HC clear and then chilled out for the rest of the evening. Wed we had started at the start, obviously, with Goroth Mythic and while it did take us the evening, he finally hit the deck and got us firmly onto the Mythic train.


Mon we started work on Harjatan. We got to sub 30% a few times with our best attempt being 21%. What became apparent is that the fight on HC has developed some bad habits! Mythic (as Mythic tends to be!) is way more unforgiving of standing in things we shouldn't and we need to up our game a bit dealing with the mechanics correctly. However, that said, by the end of the night we were much more aware of what was needed and left prepared to have a victory over this boss this coming week!


Our performance on Wed bumped us up to position 11 on the server and we currently stand at 12. So looking forward to moving further up as we progress through. Good job guys, after weeks of clearing HC, playing around in Normal while people were on holidays, the hard work and focus is back with a vengence.. as will be the sweet victories!


The coming week:


Numbers are looking good for Mythics! This is a very welcome and pleasing change! Let's hope it stays that way guys.. ;p On Wed we have 20 until around 10pm when Mivz will need to leave to prepare for an early morning as he makes his way back to Russia. So the plan is this:


Wed: Mythic till 10pm, HC clear till raid end.


Sun: Mythic


Mon: Mythic


Can I just remind everyone to do a gear check for gems and enchants before raid and to come fully prepared with flasks, pots, runes and food - and Seals! Augment Runes, if you don't have the super-exalted one are just another little advantage and are now pretty cheap and easy to get hold of. We also have stocks in the Guild Bank and I would like them used up while people are still working on exalted status.


Aside from raiding this week, you have both the joys of Brewfest and TW pandaland as well as the usual M+ groups to keep you all occupied! Busy week!


In Other News:


RBG Team:


I have spoken to a number of people about the possibility of getting a Rated Battleground team together. Partly this is just for the different experience and fun of us working together on something other than raids or M+ and partly for the Artifact Challenge skins that are awarded after 10 kills. Please head over to the forum for more details on this and sign up/reply if that is something you are interested in!


See you in-game!