Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly update Sept 13th 2017

We going Myyyythic!




Guild News:


Grats on promotion to Member to: Bonbo, our Gnome advocate and champion! Great to welcome you onboard permanently. Your little gnome soul is now ours forever mwahahahaha


Thanks for donations to the Guild Bank this week to: Cy for gems, Drew for Augment Runes and Visp for herbs! Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Welcome back to: Akadoodoodoo! Tho I have yet to actually see him in game! Lovely to have you back!


Grats on Raider of the Month to:


Ellz, Doll, Term, Cy, Cookie, Didi, Mads, Visp and Tal


Good job guys! Averte is Master of Ceremonies this month so expect a Goodie Bag in the mail and a meet-up in the pub this evening!



Last Week's roundup:


We cleared HCs on Wed, finished our Glory Achievioes (apparently, according to Zubs cool kids speech - emphasis on 'kids' ofc) and did an Alt run up to Kil'J on normal in 2 nights this week! Maiden caused yet a few more wipes... which poor Mads slept through!! However, we did eventually get there and were awarded our Achievement after finishing with Kil'J


Not much to report more than that, other than the usual Levy killing Zubs on trash wherever possible and a Guild Team Best of Mythic+15 in.. wait for it... Cathederal!


This coming week:

As indicated in last week's news we are now.. going Mythic!! Given numbers (and Noodles returning Sunday) we will be doing as follows IF NO ONE DROPS OUT!


Wed: Mythic


Sun: HC Run


Mon: Mythic


Tactics for the first 2 bosses are in the forums, 3rd will be up later this week. Be prepared. Be VERY prepared! Apart from coming to the raid with flasks, food, pots and SEALS.. you should all wherever possible have the new gems in your gear as well as everything enchanted.


We are going to see (right now) how long the new quests take to get the Crucible up and running and will make a call at the start of the evening if we are able to give those arriving home from work some time to do this. If 30 mins works, then we may delay raid start - but don't bank on that!


I also would appreciate you all totally on point with signing for raids from now on as I need plenty of notice to organise any empty spots for Mythics. The spreadsheet may also need updating re. HC gear required by those who completed it, we will try to get everyone their last bits this Sunday and then hopefully go Mythic every night we can from then on.


In Other News:


Keeping to our Mythic theme this week, the Good Rogue sent me a little memory of our Garrosh Mythic kill video if you wanna take a look! Not brilliant quality.. but, brilliant memories!!




Right.. I've way too much to do to sit here waffling on.. so have a great week, see you in-game!!