Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 6th

It's amazing..




..how long it takes you to get this mount! See what I did there?


Guild News:


Welcome to: Lightcrow who joins us for some raiding fun! He is officially Cy's padowan and is NOT encouraged to listen to Zubs at any point!


Thanks for contributions to the Guild Bank to: Visp for runes and gem chips, Cy and Diddi for food and Cru and Cy for herbs! Much appreciated!


Raid News:


A very swift run through HC on Wed provided us with 6 one shots and a 2 shot on Kil'J, our best yet I think! On Sunday we worked through achievements in ToS completing up to Maiden which saw more than a few deaths.. thanks to Cy for his prep and guidance through these! Monday we did a Normal ToS Alt run with our new Ret Pally as a guest.


This week we will follow a similar pattern:


Wed: HC ToS (we will try Maiden achievement on HC as it might be easier)


Sun: Avatar and Kil'J achievements - as we will probably need mains for these, we will do an Alt Run after from the start. So those of you wishing to get the last 2 achievements can leave once these are done and those who wish to swap to Alts are welcome to run through after.


Mon: Free night! Probably we will do some M+ or have a night off in preparation for what lies ahead..

Looking Ahead:


As of next week we will have our 20, with Noodles, Styhl, Averte and Heli back. You can go take a look at the spreadsheet to see how this works out, but basically without backups we have 20 and WITH backups (not counting Wobbs atm) we have 23 although Mivz will be off again shortly. We are once again pretty Melee heavy, with the Druid and Pally tiers at 8 and the Shammy tier at only 4. I intend to continue recruiting for another Hunter as a 3 nighter. Visp is moving back to his DK - if you recall, it was his DK he joined on and switched to Priest to help us out.


So I need you all to start signing properly after this week as we need to get ourselves into Mythics. If you are in the main team, then you should be signing all 3 nights unless there is a forum post to let me know about availability issues. Thanks to those who filled the spreadsheet out as I asked last week with regard to the loot they require. I take it that those who didn't don't need loot from HC anymore, so we will try and focus on getting those last pieces sorted this Wed and next Wed and then hopefully take the view that we can drop HCs and go hell for leather (and cloth, plate and mail) in Mythics until the new raid arrives! This week will be your last 'break' week with Sun and Mon optional - so make the most of it and get yourselves psyched up for some hard work from next week on. Tactics will be appearing in the forums, so keep an eye out.



Right, busy day - so see you in game.