Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Aug 30th 2017

Nothing like some synchronized mounting before a raid.

Guild News:

First, before ANYTHING else...


We don't normally do Birthdays in the news, it's usually a facebook page, but the latest Birthday Guildie doesn't really use facebook, so I did a GMOTD, but the Birthday girl didn't come online to see it... so, here, just for her...


Happy Birthday for yesterday Cookie!

Congrats to: Averte who levelled some or an alt/s apparently last week to 110 hoping to be mentioned in the Guild News.. which he wasn't. And he wasn't happy. He wasn't feeling the love. So grats Averte, on the momentus occasion of getting an alt to 110 a year into the expansion ! :D


Grats on Challenge Artifact to: Madds! Nicely done! (And Zubs for a previous victory I apparently missed, and Visp would I probably missed at some point as well!)


Ty to my Donators this week: Visp for Vantus Runes, Mivz for a selection of food n drink and Diddi for bacon!


Ty also to the Recruitment Bumpers: Visp and Diddi! If you haven't bumped, then please take the time to do so.


Welcome back to: Mivzy who is back from Russia for 3 weeks, Uz and Aeli back from wedding and honeymoon bliss and our Levy back from his break!


Farewell this week to: Wobbs (he's all at sea) and Jag, Noodles and Heli who are off on their hols!


Last weeks Raiding:


So, Wed we were pretty much all ready to zip through ToS HC, only to have half the raid hit by the lag bug to the extent that we had to take an hours break to see if things would improve. They did fortunately! So we cleared 8/9 before raid end, not bad for a raid that ran an hour short. On Sunday we dealt with Kil'J in in 4 attempts! The 3 wipes were pretty dumb ones - missing Armageddon's.. Term and I raced for a missed one, both made it, then both stepped out for the other.. couldn't have planned that one better! However, even with a much smaller team than the team that got the first kill, when we actually managed to stand in the damn fire circles, we got to the last phase - and killed it. Def on farm !!


Some of the team then took their lovely alts into Normal for a quick run and that left us with Freebee Monday!


The coming week:

It'sssss Patch Day! Gonna be heaps to do this week, so clear your diaries!


Wed: ToS HC
Sun: ToS Normal Achievement Run (you may step out if we kill Kil'J on Wed and you don't wanna do Normal or achievements!)
Mon: M+/TW


However, we have very few signed for Sun/Mon as I suspect people haven't clicked to the next month! I will be locking after the raid this evening, so get onto it people!


Remember that you will get a piece of 935 gear if you do a M+10. I won't be around Thurs/Fri as I have visitors, but group up and do stuff!


In Other News:

ToS Progression


We won't have a full compliment for another couple of weeks, so will continue to farm ToS for HC gear. Once everyone gets back from holidays (and NO MORE PLEASE!! There is far too much sun and fun being had already!) then it would be great to have everyone with everything they need from HC so we can stop farming and focus on getting some Mythics down before the new raid comes.


So, a couple of things you can do.


Farm Augment Runes. You will be able to buy the perma one ofc before the new raid comes out, but in the meantime having plenty of these will help with those Mythic kills.


Do your weekly M+10. This as I said will give you a 935 every week - and there are plenty of us here happy to help people through. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea - that's fine, but if you are sat there wanting to do it - then speak up and we will help out.


Read this post in the forums and let us know what gear you still need from ToS HC. This will not only help Cookie in making sure people get what they still need, but being able to keep a note will help us know if we can stop farming. Some people I know still need quite a bit, but I am regularly hearing others say, 'I only need..' now. So lets do a little check.


Right - that was the news.


You are welcome :D