Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update 23rd Aug 2017

Oh how the mighty are fallen!



Guild News:


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Py..hurrah!


Thanks for Guild Bank donations to: Bonbo, Styhl, Cy for herbs, to Diddi for Augment Runes and to Vispy for Rune donation!


We bid farewell to: Wobbs who has his last week with us before he heads off to sea. Wobbs will be here on and off between now and December, so we wish you fair winds and a following sea Wobbs!


We welcome back: Mivz (at some point this WoW week I think!) from Russia and look forward to our month of Mivzness!

Raid News:


So of course the big news of the week is Kil'J HC went down on Monday evening! After clearing 8/9 on Wed with an hour to spare on Kil'J (a record!) we spent Sunday edging ever closer to that ellusive kill. Best attempt on Sunday was actually recorded as 0% on the combat logs! We also had a 1% wipe but over the course of the evening got into P5 more than before and got some experience on dealing with the mechanics in that phase. On Monday, we returned and on our 14th attempt he went down! 11 of those attempts were early wipes, with only 2 attempts actually getting into P5. However that last attempt we had the entire team alive going into the phase and lost only 5 before he fell over.


I want to thank all of you for your hard work and general patience with this fight. There are some fights that take weeks, that push us to manage our frustrations, that test the spirit of the team and while I do think we could have gotten this result faster, we triumphed in the end as a team, so excellent job all.


The week ahead:


We have 9 HC fights to clear and it's impossible to know how long our second kill on Kil'J will take, making it very difficult at this point to plan what we will do with our 3 evenings. We are not going to have 20 (unless some recruitment happens) until Mid-September looking at the availability forum with some people having later holidays. Obviously I'd want to get into Mythics asap as we are yet again running out of time, so you can help firstly by bumping the recruitment post


It would be good to do some KJ Normal runs with appropriately geared alts or mains and get some achievements done as well, however until we can be sure of clearing 9/9 in two nights, I appreciate that some of you do this in pugs earlier in the week and can't really wait to see how far we will get. So this week we will simply play it by ear and have any spare time either as a night off or doing whatever the popular vote is.


In Other News:


Roster: We are 19 3/3 nighters, with Jag and Bonbo as backup and Mivz here for a month from next week. Of that 19 we have Noodles, Gnomy, Heli, Uz, Styhl, Zubs, Averte and Cru still away with planned holidays or other absences until Mid September. Once that is all done, to be safe we really need at least one more 3/3 nighter and the recruitment post is asking for a Warrior, DK, Hunter or Rogue. If you want to do Mythics, then keep that post bumped.


Guild Bank: Thanks so much to those who donated this week, any spare fish, meat, herbs are always gratefully recieved and thanks to Cookie as well for making food for our progression kills and Cy for making the flasks. We would like to continue offering this for progression, but donations from you guys will determine if this is possible!


Ok, have a great week everyone and Grats US again on the Kil'J kill!