Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 14th 2017

Save the Gnome.




It's Patch Day! One week to go till ToS and there's plenty of new stuff to try out. There are some nerfs to NH, shame we don't have enough signs, because Krosus is one who has been affected and we could have had another bash at Mythic... but soooo many of you have just failed to sign up at all this week. So, the plan is:


Wed: NH HC Alt Run, followed by Timewalking (MoP)


Sun: Last few Dung Achs: BRF, Nelth, Vault priority for the group that made Mon's achievement run. The plan is to finish off for these people, not start all over again. For those not needing this: M+/TW


Mon: Unless, miraculously you all manage to sign and we can get into Mythic NH, this will be a members choice night, so if you want something - shout!

Looking ahead to next week:


Forums: Firstly, can I ask you to check the forums. There are 2 posts in particular - one re. the Guild Meet and another re. ToS Raid team. Apart from Bumly I have heard from no-one about any changes to raiding in ToS. Please respond to both posts if they involve you.


Raid Tactics: I will be putting these up over the next week, so be sure to be prepared for the opening of ToS next Wed.


Sign-ups: I appreciate with our little break that some of you havent been online on a Mon evening for me to nag about sign-ups. The new Raid will be for main team only initially as the plan is to speed through HCs and try to keep some momentum this raid which results in us having more people alive and kicking for Mythics. So, by main team I mean people who are attending 3 nights and want to push for Mythics - the list that is in my forum post. We will work our way through HCs and once we have them on farm, we will open up to more casual or backup raiders. I will be locking raids again from this coming Mon and RotM will start again, so if you forget to sign by Mon 19th, you will either find yourself sat out when the new raid opens, or start the month of with no RotM! I won't be nagging, if you don't sign I will replace you.


BT Timewalking: I have had some questions about this, so yes, we will do this as a Guild. When it comes up, I will make a Thursday event and we will run it as a special extra event.




Right, you have a week to chill, catch up with new patch stuff before the new raid arrives. Enjoy it! And, save the Gnome. Cos she's a Gnome and cute and a Gnome and a part-time dragon and a Gnome and we LOVE Gnomes.