Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update June 7th 2017

Just horsing around



Guild News:


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Destructior and to Cy for his 3rd!!! Great job.


Farewell to: Mivzy who leaves us for another month. Safe journey's and swift return!


Last Week's events:


Our HC run on Wed went smoothly with Tal joining us for Guldan, we managed to 2-heal up to then! Sunday and Monday we tackled the Glory of the Legion Raider, managing to get through all achievements and collect our new mount. Which isn't a horse.' Yaking around' sounds wrong tho. We took pics in the pub on Monday to celebrate and then in my office and generally had 2 evenings of much fun getting them done.

This coming Week:


Well, of course because you weren't all here on Monday, and I couldn't nag you all to sign.. some of you haven't. Sigh. Even when you ARE here for the nagging sssion, I I still have to run around some individuals who don't.. so ok, I give up.


Wed: HC Alt run


Sun/Mon: Remaining Dungeon Achievements for those still missing some and Mythic+


Please, if we have helped you get your achievement, come along to help others finish off. As far as achievements go, please if you still need them make the effort to attend this week. I won't be putting this up as an event after this week. 


In Other News:


My biggest laugh this week was in Mythic+ With the Grevious affix, people needed to stay +90% health and this was pretty mana draining for healers. After a particularly difficult trash pack, Zubs made me literally choke on my mana potions by asking, 'Need mana?' at the exact same moment he hit the boss. Was there really any point asking Zubs? I think he was trying to prove that he was 'fast', a claim totally rebuffed when Visp tanked next on his DK, talk about speedy!


We only have a couple of weeks before Tomb is out!! I am going to start recruitment again and hopefully pick up a couple of players over the course of the raid. We have lost Bumly this week as he has family pressures making our raiding schedule problematic for him. Thanks for faithfully attending the whole expansion Bumly and stay in touch! I don't know if we will have anyone coming back for Tomb, so will look to bump the numbers a little.


Ok, I got mounts to earn, so enuff gabbing. Have a great week!