Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 31st

S.A.D 3




Guild News:


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Cy, for his second one, this time a tanky-skin! Pretty scary looking too I must say


Comings and Goings:


We have Mivz for his last week before he heads back off to Russia, and Styhl away studying furiously for his final dissertation. We then have a week gap before Noodles arrives. We will also get Wobbs back briefly before he goes back to sea. This might mean we can get one last week in on Mythics before the new raid comes out, but until then we will really be struggling to get a full team.


Last Week:


Wed was a free night where we did some Dung acheivements. We also did some the following evening with a small group who got to know every inch of BRH looking for that one last Tome. Frustration abounded, not least because I went along to help and managed to find all my remaining 5 before the group got that last ellusive one! We have one more achievement as a main group and that's in Violet Hold and will depend totally on which bosses are up each week. So we will do a check this evening to see. There are a couple of people who joined in for some of the achievements, but missed others so watch out for when we will be doing these to help out.


Sun was another free night and we did some Mythic+ and Timewalking


Mon we headed into NH and cleared our 3 Mythics followed by an HC Alt run!


This coming week:


Wed: HC Alt run, Nighthold. Please UNSIGN if you won't be attending


Sun: On hold for possible Mythic again.


Mon: Dungeon Achievements. As you are all signed for tonight in the hopes that we will do NH, if you DO need any last ones, make sure you are here. We don't mind running them again to help people out, but out of consideration for those willing to do so, it's much better to do it in one go for everyone than multiple times for one person at a time. There's a mount reward don't forget! So tonight is your chance!


With Styhl away this week we need 2 additional players to make us to 20, we have Jag, we have Dest, but we don't have both on the same night! So Sunday is looking the closest with 19. If there is ONE more person who can come along to help out then please let me know asap. I will update everyone as I did last week on fb, GMOTD and in forums on FRIDAY.


In other News:


Tomb of Sargaras:


It is looking like we have 3 more weeks before this hits, so now is the time to prepare. Of course, preparing with more Mythic kills would be helpful! However that isn't looking great at the moment. Now is also the time to speak to me if you are thinking of taking a break etc. So please make sure you do that if you are so I have as much notice as possible.




I forgot again!! Please can someone SHOUT at me next time we have a full team!


Scary Cy:


So as I mentioned above, Cy got his new Tank weapon skin from completing his second Artifact Challenge and it IS scary! He showed those of us in game at the time with the following in conversation:





Have a great week!