Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 25th 2017

Second in our S.A.D..



Guild News:


Can you guys please DO something that shows up in the news, else I will have to invent new things to mention like....


Grats to: Zubs, Heli, Term, Meee for doing a +16 ToV for their Keystone Master achivement and a big thanks to Visp for coming along for the ride!


A massive apology: to this months ROTM who I totally forgot to congratulate in the pub with pet and toy rolls this month. Next Mythic night we will put that right with Levy as Master of Ceremonies.


Event update from last week:

Wed: Some of us went achievement hunting for Glory of the Legion Hero. We were only 8 so decided to 4 man two groups which worked fine until we did the Maw achievement where you have to run from BRH to Maw with a buff. We were so confused why this wasnt working until we realised that ALL players needed the buff and as we were only 4 in each group.. that wasn't gonna happen! However, we did do a number of other ones and will pick up where we left off tonight.


Sun: We set off for a NH HC Alt run and it went very well! Good job u alty peeps and thanks to the mains who came along for the 'bants', the AP and the assistance. Some of us then went off for some Mythic+ fun


Mon: With Gnomy and Jags in tow, we cleared the first 3 Mythics in NH with comparative ease, doing better actually than ever before on the first 2. Trill had a little learning curve for our newcomers and our oldcomers needed a refresher, but when the kill came, it was our best kill on him. Great job!


This coming Week:

Wed: Glory of the Legion Hero cont. We will pick up from last week. We have 13 signed, but I am expecting only perhaps 10/11, so we should be able to make 2 groups and maybe switch people in and out for what they need. We can also then do some Timewalking


Sun: Magical Mystery Tour: Timewalking/Mythic+ - possibly HFC Mythic, we will see who we have and what is wanted!


Mon: We have 19 signed, I have one possible saviour of the day to make us 20. Will know by Friday, so if we can get 20 we will do this, if not.. well then we wont :D I will let you all know in the forums on Friday and make a note in the calendar event for Mon/unlock signups. Feel free to unsign then.


As I mentioned in the forums and on mumble Mon even, if I unlock a night and let you know in the news that it will be a fun ach night rather than a raid, please unsign so I can see how many people I have available for other events. If it's locked - then I am trying to find 20.


In Other News:


Not-so-brave Zubs was caught out this week:





Seems that while he is happy to bait Slugerax, every single time we go to Trilliax, he's not-so-sure about that Helli.


Award: Ninja-puller of the week


We all know how easy Bolstering is for well mannered, well behaved, talented, focussed Mythic+ Groups. We also know how very very wrong it can go when 'someone' in the group isn't doesn't fit into that categories! The worst occurrences of it were the trash after the first mini boss in vault as the little goblin things kept running in and then... in CoS, where 'someone'  pulled both mana worm packs after jumping the water, giving the robot a billion health! I have been reliably informed that it is our own Helli who deserves this award this week!


(It should probably be mentioned, that the reliable informant was in fact the runner from the recipient of this award. If these two things are connected I cannot possibly say.)


Have a great week