Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 17th 2017

It's all about S.A.D!



Guild News:


Raider of the Month!:


The following maintainted 100% attendance this last month (excluding optional night's off!)


Ellz, Cru, Cy, Doll, Heli, Levy, Py, Mivz, Sheep, Thana, Cookie, Visp, Zubs


Good Job Hero's! Levy will (this is news for him too!) be handing out your Goodie Bags by Monday this coming week :D



Last Week's Activities!


Wed/Sun: With a full complement, raring to go forth and erm conquer, (the muliplying comes in other news..) we set off to NH and cleared Skyp, Chrono and Trill Mythics. There we then sat before Krosus and threw everything we had at him. Including Py. Or well, Py threw himself to be fair. He doesnt want to talk about it. By the end of Wed night we had some good progression, actually managing to get him to 9% on one occasion. However, we had a hell of a lot of early wipes, sorting out the adds and general getting into a rhythm, making our ability to handle that last bridge section difficult to work on. Monday we got to that last bit a few more times, with more people alive and managed a 14% best for the evening.


This fight, as Mivz commented to me, feels like a last boss - not in difficulty, but in that.. it takes forever to get to the last phase and one simple mistake by even just one person means you don't get there and then when you DO get there, you haven't had any practice on it... kinda way. Still, progress WAS made and having more and more people alive, seeing the last phase can only work in our favour! Good work everyone this week.


Sun: Due to late drop-outs we didn't raid Sun, instead some of us went and hit Mythic Dung bosses with our big sticks.


Next week's plan:


Before I get there, some updates.


Given last Sun's situation, I spent quite some time this week talking with our own Gnomy and persuading him that he really did want to be our number one backup for Mythic raiding again, both throughout NH and into Tomb. He agreed!! Hurrah!! This really helped the situation out as we had 20 raiders for Mythics on a Wed and Mon, but only 19 on a Sunday (Mod n/a) and if anyone was away on any of the nights we were stuck. I was thrilled, looking pretty good to progress dem Mythics.


We then rather suddenly lost 2 more raiders on Monday evening. Mod has left Virtue and gone to another Guild on 6/10. He asked me to thank everyone for having him along with us. Thana is taking a break.


This leaves us rather erm.. up a certain creek with no paddles :D So Noodles is back in June, hopefully as Mivz returns to Russia and Gnomy now finds himself not JUST backup when one of you needs a night away.. but practically definate any night to get us even to 19. So, I have been wracking my brains. I have one last play. To the rescue, will come Jag. Jag is on holiday in sunny Ibiza at the moment, and still managed to reply to an email from me before I went to press today!! Now Jag used to raid with us back in Cata/MoP and he has come along to some HC runs. He isn't as well geared as the rest of us... but he is a Hunter.... if we can get him a bit more gear that would be great. So, we could have 20 on some occasions that every single person is available and I will continue to look into sorting that situation.


However, I also wanna chat about something else before I give you the plan.


I explained, was it last week?, about my concerns regarding burn out doing 3 difficulties of the same raid and that we would not be doing normals in Tomb. As has been the case ever since the guild went 20 man at the end of MoP, just as we get to see some Mythic progress, we have heaps of people dropping out, 'taking breaks' For those of us faithfully polishing our sticks for hitting, this is frustrating, I appreciate that. From the look of the forums and my talks with other GMs, we are not alone in ths. However, I do have a little message about this. Burn out is avoidable. You dont HAVE to farm stuff every day for hours and hours on end, no one is asking that from you. There are no requirements from anyone here that you be at a certain trait level, all that is asked is that you come with food, gems etc and enjoy the banter and do your very best on progress. So manage yourselves! I'm gonna use Py as an example here.. sorry Py! I hear he is feeling burnt out - but he doesnt whine, he doesnt get negative and he doesnt quit on raiding. He takes himself quietly off and manages his motivation, takes a break from everything he doesnt HAVE to do, and shows up, every raid. I KNOW there are many of you doing the same thing.


There is a minority who aren't happy. They don't like the expac, they don't like the raid, they are bored with the fights and that's fine... Blizzard can't please all the people all the time. Well, can I please remind you.. this is a game and a game you PAY for. If it's really pissing you off that much, stop playing! It's simple! If you ONLY play cos of the guild and the banter.. then you have made that decision, so well, quit whining and enjoy the Guild and the banter! We certainly enjoy having you here... but the majority of us ARE enjoying this and having fun. So my message here is get a grip and man/woman up :D


Unfortunately, even a majority of happy players doesnt get us to 20 for Mythic progress and with Krosus being such a gear check, even having our lovely Gnomy and Jag along isn't going to get us closer to a kill for a while. We could try other bosses that are more gear-forgiving.. but the reality is it looks like our progress in Mythics is going to slow or come to an end unless we find a miraculous solution. What we CAN do however is farm the 3 we know we can get down, giving all of us, including Gnomy and Jag a chance to improve our gear.. for progress be that in NH or Tomb. Those of you quietly coming along every week, managing your own burn out, seeing the positives rather than the negatives, can I just say thanks. Thanks for sticking with it, for being upbeat and for being here.


So far this expac, we have done better in terms of progress than we have since we went 20 man. This is great. We have a team full of lovely people and the banter and team spirit is everything I could wish for. That's the positives. I'm frustrated yes, but not pissed off with the numbers situation. It's a game :D and you guys choose to do this. So while I will continue to do my best to find enough people to do some more progression, I also don't want to have my faithful majority feeling like it's falling apart, so instead of 'bearing with it' we will have a plan.



We have 3 raid nights. I still need ALL of you to sign for every night you can make, and just like before I will let you know on a Wed what we are doing for the week. I am also still writing in the calendar the plan for each night.


On nights where we have 20, we will clear our 3 Mythics for now. We might take a look at other bosses, we might later on be able to try Krosus again.


On nights where we have 19, we will work through ToV


On nights where we have less than 19 we will do HC Alt runs. We will also do some fun stuff. We have Dungeon achievements to complete, we have old raids to do - HFC Mythic, mount runs in BRH, we even have about 10 horde level 80's that might wanna revive the idea of going back to Wrath raids! There is plenty on offer and we can talk about what people would like to do.


Apart from the doing NH Mythic clears when we can, you are NOT obliged to attend. If you are bored of NH, don't come to the HC runs! If you want some space to manage your burnout, don't come for achievement stuff. I would much rather you took some time now to revive yourselves than get to Tomb and collapse. Iam working on the basis that all of my regulars + Gnomy and Jag give me 20, so if you are thinking of dropping out as well, please talk to me early with more than 2 days notice :D That way, I can try and manage the other 19 people's expectations more effectively.

SO this week's plan is:


Wed: Dung achieves/HFC/impromptu fun! Optional.


Sun: NH HC Alt run. Optional.


Mon: Mythic NH clear (3 bosses) then we will decide if we want an early night or go look at Tich for some mechanic experimentation. BE HERE!




NH HC Alt runs: You may bring an alt if it is 875+ PLUS all enchants/gems/food etc. If you wanna come with your main for the AP, the banter or that extra bit of gear - will be great to have you along.


Raider of the Month:


We will put this on hold until we are raiding progress again on a regular basis.

In Other News:


S.A.D: This week's news pic is the first in a series of my Screenies Around Dalaran. With no raid first kills, I need something other than cartoons each week, so certain pat-able, summon-able, adorable(!) little gnomes might be found hiding around our expac Capital.


In breaking news: Heli and Cy are with child. Or plan to be. Or rather Heli is going to HAVE a child (ye, get your head round THAT one) and then donate, dump, pass, gift..however you like it, said child to Cy. Please do not do this at home. This is the price apparently of getting Cy to tank a +13 Eye on Tyrannical/Raging/Necrotic. Donation of first born. Yup.


Quote of the Week: Heli to Ellz. 'You are easy' Yup. Likes living dangerously that guy. Well Heli, see above. Not as easy as YOU apparently!


State of Undress: Mivz response to my exclamations at him playing a virtually naked female character - 'if I am going to look at this character all week, I don't wanna be looking at some ugly man'. Yup, nor me Mivz...but thats life. Response to my - 'I might make a naked Draenai male then'... 'well thats sexist and degrading to men isnt it..' Typical. I will say no more.


And with no more said - have a great week, in WoW and out of it.