Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update May 10th

Back to 15th on Server!



Guild News:



Grats on 110 to: Cookie x3!!!


Grats on Artifact Challenge to: Styhl - good rogue does it!

Raid News:

Last Week:


We had a busy week, cleared all HCs in NH, cleared our current 3 Mythics there as well and got some good work on Krosus. We also cleared our remaining 3 Mythics in EN, taking us back up into the top 15 on the server! We did NOT however, take any screenies!!


This coming week:


We look like almost having 20 each night for this week, so I am planning on Mythic NH for all nights if I can fill that last spot needed on Sunday. If I can't we will ToV Mythic, so plan to be here for all nights please!


Wed: Mythic NH


Sun: Mythic NH - or Mythic ToV (Possible HC NH - see below)


Mon: Mythic NH


Looking forward:


Running 3 difficulties of the same raid is concerning me. It seems like by the time we clear HCs, having had Normals on farm as well, people are getting burnt out just as we need everyone for Mythics. So my first decision is that when Tomb comes out we will go in to HCs first. I'd rather we worked hard on getting those down than spent time on normals and lose momentum. We should be geared now for HCs in Tomb - if something odd happens gear-wise with the jump from HC/Mythic NH to Tomb, then I will of course revisit this, but HCs should be our target when the raid opens.


With a couple of months left in NH, our aim is as many Mythics down as we can. The only thing holding us back on this is numbers and recruiting seems virtually a non-starter at the moment. I will continue to monitor the forums, and any bumps on our posts will continue to be appreciated. Any night where we cannot get 20 we will finish ToV which will aid our server position, and so recruitment, or we will have an optional HC NH run. As usual I will give you notice on this in the news on Wednesdays, so keep your eyes out for that. I am also putting plans in the notes on the in-game calendar, so if you can't wait till Wed, you can check there from a Mon night onwards. I do have a couple of ideas about filling that last spot, but I need to speak to people about it which I will do this week.


Can I remind you. If you are in the main team - you sign EVERY night. If you don't sign, there should be a post from you in the forums. Same goes for 'Tentative' (Which you don't need to use at all really) I don't have time to try and find you to work out why you are tentative or not signed as I am trying to make decisions about what we do ahead of time to be as considerate as I can to the rest of the team. Obviously with the numbers as tight as they are at the moment, any absence means we can't raid Mythics. I know we have been in NH for some time now, please just bear with it a little longer! I won't be asking you to do HCs from now on - so the nights we do raid will be Mythics, more interesting, and harder work! Keep reading on that...


HC Nighthold:


Expect to only do HC NH now if we don't have 20, or we don't have 19 to do ToV. And DONT expect to HAVE to! I asked for people to post what they still needed in HC and have had no responses. So I am assuming you all don't need anything. Cookie will be doing a quick gear check to make sure this week and if there are items that would help you help the team get Mythic bosses down, she will be encouraging you to come along to any HC run. Otherwise, you are free to come along if you want the AP (its still a pretty fast way to get decent AP aside from just enjoying the banter!) Raiders of the Month are going to be invited to bring suitably geared - and that includes your weapon! alts to any HC runs we do. I will confirm expected levels in the forum by the end of the week. Casuals can also bring their characters if we are doing a run. If you don't fit into any of the above categories, you are free to have a night off!


So if you are feeling a bit tired, Cookie doesnt tell you that you need gear (and TF Tier is NOT an expectation) then I will be more than happy for you to have a well deserved break for the night.


In Other News:


Thana has needs.


He does.


Needs he wants Cookie to meet.


Maybe cos Zubs wasn't around.


But.. he HAS needs.