Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update April 26th 2017

3/10 Mythic and feels like February!



Guild News:


Grats on 110 to: Cookie (Alt), Basur (Alt)


Welcome to: Modron. Mod is on loan to us from the lovely peeps at Virtue on a Wed and Mon to help us with Mythic HN numbers, while he isn't officially joining the Guild, I know you guys will make him welcome in raids! He will be joining us for the first time tonight from 9ish.


Last Week in Raids:


Wed: We cleared NH HC with one-shots in under 2 hours and then popped over to EN Mythic and cleared Nyth, Ursoc, Spider and Dragons before having a couple of tester go's at Eye which is our progress boss there. We established at least that we won't be able to ignore mechanics and nuke everything! So when we go there next we will be stacking as many healers as we can and following the tactics a little more closely! Excellent evernings work from everyone!


Sun: One-shots through NH Normal for one-shot Alt fun run.


Mon: Mythic NH. We killed Skorp and Chrono - both 2 shots, and then set about our first tries on Trilliax. Took us 14 attempts and he was dead, bringing us to 3/10 Mythic. We finished the evening with fat bellys from all the cake eating, I think Uz and Heli had sore heads from multiple Scrubber exploding, and there were some spot-on dispells from Tal and Doll that made things so much smoother. Good job everyone. Now the really hard work begins as the following Mythics are going to present way more of a challenge!

This Week's plan:




Wed: NH HCs until 9ish. The plan WAS to go Mythic NH at 9pm when Styhl arrived, but he is poorly. So Wobbs is saving the day and will step in. SO.. this means that any casuals are welcome to join us at the start of the evening (no need to sign, just show up!) and we will do HCs for an hour before swapping over to Mythics. If possible, I'd like to get all 3 we have already killed down to leave us an evening for work on our next Mythic boss.


Sun: Finish HCs and then onto Mythic EN for Eye. Tactics will be in forum by the weekend.


Mon: Mythic NH: We will try Krosus next. Again, tactics in forum at the weekend. Mod and Wobbs will be joining us above the sign ups.


NOTE: This means there will be no Normal NH Alt run this week.




We have timewalking this week, so I have made an event for Thursday if people wanna group up.


Signing for Raids:


There seems to be some confusion.. so I will repeat.


Mon: All Main Team Raiders sign for the coming week. This is my last warning.. if I have to remind you, it will cost you your position in Raider of the Month!

Tues: I review and decide which nights we will do what.

Wed: I will announce in News the plan for the week.


Main Team Raiders: If you sign for the main raid but do not wish to attend an Alt Fun Run, your sign will still count for Raider of the Month. DO NOT sign tentative cos u 'think' it might be a Fun Run. DO NOT remove yourself if I announce a fun run, instead just dont sign for the Fun Run!


Our priority is: NH Mythic>NH HC>EN Mythic>NH Alt runs. I forsee NH HCs turning into Alt Runs soon, but only on nights we are unable to get 20.


  • Even with Mod joining us, we are still only 20 if EVERYONE else can make it, and with Wobbs departing and Noodles away till June and Styhl still on his golf tournament, the next month is difficult to predict. Once Styhl is finished and Noodles is back we will have some leeway. Until then, I kinda need 100% attendance from everyone to do Mythic NH.


  • The Realm Ranks on WoW Progress seem odd. For some reason, even if you are clearing NH Mythics, the number of Mythics overall is the priority. So while we may be way ahead on NH progress, Guild who are going back and clearing EN are above us. Even Guilds who haven't even done NH HC. So, for the sake of recruiting and our general pride, EN Mythics are not only good practice for us doing Mythics as a team, not only more achievements, they also may help take us back to our top 15 on the server position.


  • We have 6/7 weeks to get as many NH Mythics as we can down. So our priority is to get as many nights in Mythic NH as we can. Mod is not available to us on a Sunday, so this is likely to become our NH HC and EN Mythic evening. Normal Fun Runs are likely to stop now.


Casual Raiders: We are now managing to clear HCs with one-shots, so we will invite you guys back to NH HCs and once I am sure everyone has the gear they want, we may also invite Alts. If you wish to come along to HC clears you should bring your main for now and there is no need to sign, just show up on the night I have announced. (That is tonight 7.45-9.00 this week!)


In Other News:


The weather here in the UK at least has taken a wintry turn with clouds, rain, hail stones and rumours of snow! Feels more like February than April. In-game as well, it appears that our World Event Noblegarden has turned into Feb's Love Is In The Air...





Seems even Archmage Modera has got his months switched around.


How sweet, and how in contrast to our resident Grump and Inuendo Master who I spied with this remark this week:





Have a great week