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Charter 2017

The small print!


 Divine Retribution Guild Charter



Guildmaster: Ellz Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  






  • Tank Leader:  Term
  • Class/Tactics Advisor:  Cyper
  • DpS Leaders: Averte/Wobbs
  • Healer Leader: Cookie
  • Master Looter:  Cookie
  • Assistant GM: Mivz
  • Guild Bank Manager: Wobbs
  • Office of breaks: Levy (Or Officer ON a break!)



Statement of Purpose
Our guild exists to create a fun, stress free environment for our members to interact, help each other, and assist players with learning new classes or improving their current performance. We look for progression as a Guild as well as individuals and are committed to end-game raiding. We aim to foster a close team and encourage participation and contribution with a small number of members, rather than 100's who do not know each other.


This charter outlines how we run the guild, expectations of members and rules we all agree to abide with. I strongly suggest you read through them as by becoming a member of the guild, you by default agree to abide by all that is written here. Any significant amendments made to this charter are brought to members attention in the forums. Let me make it clear that we do not make exceptions to rules. In order to be fair and transparent, rules are applied equally to all members regardless of rank, time in guild, popularity or any other measure. Please do not put me in a difficult position by demanding that I bend the rules for you. The answer will be no.

Guild Leadership

A. Guild Management

The Guildmaster has overall responsibility for the guild. Website or Voice Server issues should be directed to the GM

B. Assistant GMs and Officers

Guild Officers are assigned by the Guildmaster to perform specific duties as defined by the Guildmaster as well as assisting with general Guild Management. We deliberately have a small number of Officers each with a dedicated role to play in the Guild. We do not promote to Officer as a way of simply rewarding activity, or based on who our rl or best in-game friends are. We also welcome other members who want to organise events or take responsibilities without Officer status.

Guild  Expectations

A. Guild Server and Faction

Divine Retribution is an Alliance faction guild, and all members are required to maintain their primary Alliance characters on the Arathor/Hellfire server.  Membership or raiding in other guilds by alternate characters is not permitted without specific permission from the Guildmaster. Pugging current content is not permitted. By current we mean ahead of Guild progress. Members may have alternate characters, including Horde characters, or PvP characters, but must maintain regular play of their primary PVE Alliance characters.  The goal is to foster an online identity that is easily recognizable both in-game and on the message boards.

B. Code of Conduct

All members must be kind, courteous. Please be aware that we have members of all ages and backgrounds in our guild, so be sensitive and appropriate on the site or in the Guild chat.  Excessive profanity is not acceptable nor is rude, insulting or offensive behaviour. This applies to your behaviour towards non-members in game as well. We want to develop a good reputation and while wearing the Divine Retribution tag, you are ambassadors. Failure to comply with this may result in disciplinary action up to and including the termination of guild membership. Racist, sexist or homophobic comments will result in immediate dismissal from the Guild.

If a member feels that another member has behaved inappropriately, or has a grievance against another member for some reason, it should be discussed privately and resolved. If a member cannot or will not discuss the matter privately, they are required to speak with the guildmaster or an officer. Publicly discussing a grievance, whether voice chat, guild chat or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow the guidelines in this paragraph is grounds for dismissal from the guild.

Please remember we are all here to have fun. This includes officers. Dealing with petty squabbles is enough to drive any of us to the TV instead of the PC, so think before you make a complaint! 

C: Chat etiquette

We all like to have a good natter in Guild Chat in-game, however please bear in mind these few simple tips to make sure that your chat is appreciated!

  •     Shouting 'ding' every level to 10 will probably get you a 'lol' rather than a gz! We have had some previous members who would announce every 10% to each level below 20. Don't get us wrong, we are chuffed you are levelling, but be sensible about expecting constant gz's :P
  •     GZ's are usually reserved for achievements which take some effort. Clearing Stormwind Stockade for the first time on a Level 100 isn't likey to earn you a congratulations in Guild Chat ;p
  •     There is a fabulous invention called the Internet, which, seeing as you are all playing WoW, you should be aware of. This invention also has a marvellous function called 'Google' You might want to try using it every now and then. Having links to the main WoW sites bookmarked in your browser is very useful -  so make use of them. Asking non stop questions that can easily be answered yourself with a quick search can be very annoying. We all want to help each other sure, and if you are stuck then shout. But try and help yourselves as well.
  •     Quest help. This works 2 ways. All guildies should be prepared to help someone who is levelling, especially with group quests. However, players who ask for quest help all the time will soon find themselves running out of volunteers. No one here has finished with their own chars, all are busy levelling in some way or another. Group quests can be tough and take forever without a little help. However, you WILL not level fast by sharing kill XP, so for your own sake and your guildies, make an effort yourself as well!
  •     'Boosting' We do not boost people in lower level dungeons. Take some responsibility for levelling your own character. So do not ask for this in Guild Chat
  •     If you speak to someone and they don't answer immediately, don't get annoyed. They may be mid-fight or in an instance - be patient!!
  •     Do not ask for mats/gold etc in Guild Chat. Particularly if you have just joined. Any initiate member should not expect to be geared up by the Guild.
  • Hi and Bye: When you log in, it expected that you say Hi and Bye when you leave. Just like you would if you were arriving at someone's house :) Jade introduced a 4 second rule as well a while back - so when you say 'Bye' wait at least 4 secs to let people respond. Fast loggers beware!
  • Names: We use Main Char names here. That's why you may see us calling someone something other than the character they are online with. I know, at first it can be VERY confusing, but we are a friendly bunch and before long you will know who is who! We often have people join us as friends of others, sometimes it can be hard to not call your mate by their real name, but do try! It's just a little thing, but again it fosters a whole community approach rather than groups of people who have personal access to each other.

Priority must be given to guild members when creating groups, distributing extra items, etc, over non-members.  All  members are to be considered equal, regardless of rank or station within the guild.  While it is understandable that you would prefer to group with those you know well, remember that it is a violation of our Code of Conduct to behave in a fashion that does not consider the needs of others.  Greed and self-interest are not appropriate attributes for our guild members.

D: Mumble

We have a 30 slot mumble server for Guild Members. This is not available on a friends and family basis! If you aren't in the Guild - you aren't on mumble, end of story, no exceptions. If you have left the Guild - tough, you cannot pick and choose which parts of the Guild you participate in! Mumble is a benefit for being in the guild and contributing to it. Anyone abusing this will have their access to Mumble removed and this will include guildies who invite or accept non-guild members connecting. If you are not in-game, then don't be on Mumble...its not there as your personal skype; this includes if you are on a character that is not in the guild.

The only exception to the above is if as a Guild we have previously agreed to allowing use of mumble by Guild Members playing another game together. The only game at the present time that fulfils this exception is Diablo 3. However, please be aware that the responsibilities to include others does not mean you isolate yourselves away playing a different game.

Mumble etiquette is the same as Guild Chat. Failure to comply will result in the privilege being removed. Mumble is not for one on one social chat excluding other guild members. The channels should be used appropriately and when not in a raid, pvp, instance or quest all members should be in 'Chill Out'. If people are in raid or dungeon channel, do not join there to chat and distract. Raid channel is for those IN raid only, unless by specific invitation by the Raid Leader. There are times when officers will need to have discussions, but we try to keep these to a minimum and a sense of community is paramount. Please also make sure that if you are AFK for more than a bio break that you use the AFK channel.


During Raids you are expected to be on mumble with a working headset. You should not be on other voice channels in private groups while you are raiding.

Member Responsibilities  


Guild members are expected to participate in-game and on the forums regularly. You have to register on the site under your main character name to be accepted into the guild. Any extended absences must be reported to the Guildmaster or an Officer as soon as you are aware of them, there is an 'Availability' forum for you to do this. The guild management reserves the right to remove members who are inactive for too long or have not informed the Management Team in advance. 

"Participation in-game" as mentioned above entails participating in raids, instances and group quests. However we also appreciate that in order to level your character/alts, you will spend time solo.

B. Guild Treasury/Funding

Divine Retribution will maintain a guild treasury for the purpose of funding our crafters, expeditions, raids, equipping members in need.  All members are welcome to donate a portion of their income to the guild treasury whenever it is convenient for them to do so.  There are no collections of regularly scheduled guild dues for deposit into the treasury. It is also appreciated, if you raid, that you deposit any feasts which can be used in raid in the last tab. Alternatively you can put feasts down yourself once in the raid.

The items in the bank - apart from the last 3 tabs are for free use by members and above for the purpose of levelling professions and levelling in general. They are to be used for Guild chars only, do not withdraw for an Alt if it is not in the Guild.

The last tab contains precious mats and you need an officers permission for taking those. They are not for Officer use only - but if they are epic items, then 2 officers must agree that you can have them. They should be used to help gear Raiders, be that providing mats for enchants, or epic items that have dropped in raids. However, do not expect to join wanting to raid and use those mats immediately. You need to prove your commitment to the Guild before we gear you up so you can move on!


C. Application for Membership 

All applicants must read, understand, and agree to follow all guidelines expressed in this document. You can apply for membership in game with an officer.

D.  Promotions

Initiate: can join the guild as a social member. In order to become a member they must:

1. Register on the website

2. Have their main in the Guild (you may bring one Alt as an initiate only)

3. Go through a 2 week trial period at the end of which the Officers will discuss if they fit into the Guild ethos. If they have participated, be that in PvP, PvE or just generally chatting in-game then Officer are likely to approve promotion to Member. Please note, your 2 week trial begins when you POST YOUR INTRO!

4. While we may well invite you to join a raid during your initiate period, you will not qualify for loot unless the item would otherwise be disenchanted because no-one in the raid team needs it.

5.They should also be active on the website..

Member: Added perks for being a Member:

1. Access to Guild bank - able to apply for use of mats from last bank tabs

2. Able to bring unlimited Alts to the Guild

3. Able to apply to Raid Team on a permanent basis and participate fully in the Loot system.

Raider: These will be members who have regularly attended raids, helped out in general and proven themselves in raid. Role Leaders will put forward potential candidates and the Officer Team as a whole will agree on any promotions.

We are currently having a 3 month trial of a new rank: Mythic. You can read more about this HERE

Officer: Member with particular responsibility within the Guild. Officers are appointed by the GM, not elected!

GM: Otherwise known as General Dogsbody or Guild Mother.... apparently!

E. Loot

We use a type of loot council approach to Raid Loot and full explanation of which can be found HERE. This is based on fairness and raid progression.

F. Raider responsibilities

Members will be promoted to raiders based on their reliability: signing regularly for raids, turning up on time and also for performance. We welcome new max level players to start raiding with us, but a DR Raider is one who can perform in raids , follow tactics, remain alive (!) and play their character well. We would not refuse to allow you to raid because you are still learning, but the rank of Raider is also in recognition of performance.

Raiders are expected to:

  •     Sign for raids on the nights their 'usual' team are playing
  •     Sign ups for the coming week (Wed to Wed) must be made by end of raid on a Monday. After the raid, the sign-ups for that coming week will be locked and you will have to ask the GM to unlock to allow you to join.
  •     Turn up on time, prepared with gems/enchants etc and repaired. While the guild provides feasts, you should also have your own supplies in case you d/c or are the only person to die. For progression fights you should bring your own 125 food.
  •     Read tactics on the DR website and watch vids or research specifics on fights applicable to their class.
  •     If they are unable to attend a raid they should inform the Raid Leader with plenty of notice either on the website or in person in-game. It is accepted that emergencies do sometimes happen, but unless you are unable to get Internet, there is always a way to inform someone. Having a mobile number of someone else in the guild for example. We have a facebook page for the Guild which you may also find very useful for getting in touch quickly.
  •     Be considerate at all times of your Raid Leader, it's hard work running and leading a 20-30 man raid team -  but more importantly be respectful of your team. Wasting other people's time is not acceptable.

Failure to follow these simple courtesies will result in demotion to Member or loss of your raid spot. For further reading there is a post in the forums outlining the full expectations for raiding with Divine Retribution.


If you want to raid with Divine Retribution then pugging current content that we have not cleared as a Guild is not permitted. If you are too impatient to wait for the Guild to progress together, then perhaps this isn't the right Guild for you. If you want to pug ahead, then you don't really need a Guild do you? We aim to foster a Guild identity and team atmosphere. That means we learn and progress together. That means we get achievements and celebrate together. Having numerous raiders having already killed bosses also leads to disatisfaction or impatience if the Guild takes longer to kill them. If personal progress is your main goal ahead of Guild progress, then DR is probably not the right place.

Abiding by Blizzards Code of Conduct.

Divine Retribution takes a strict attitude to abiding by Blizz ToS and will not tolerate cheating in the game under any circumstances. If you get banned by Blizz, you get kicked by us. End of story. If Blizz determines that your ban is of a specified duration, then you are permitted to reapply to the Guild once your ban is over. You will have to redo your Introduction and start as an Initiate and work your way up again. It is up to you to regain trust from the Guild. Our view is that if Blizz feel you commited the crime, but did the time.. so should we. People make mistakes. However, this is a one-time only offer. If you get banned for a second instance, then no matter how long Blizz bans you for this second time - you are kicked from DR and will not have an opportunity to reapply in the future.


Cheating, not abiding by ToS isn't on. It's not only is an issue of what is fair to the community and what supports Blizzard, it's an issue of the effect it has on the Guild, our reputation, atmosphere and if you are a Raider - the effect on the raid team. If you want to raid with us, and be allocated loot, then you are expected to use that loot to help the DR team down bosses. You might find you have problems with this should you be idiotic enough to get yourself banned. It is hard enough to get 20 people together for raiding. I spend an INORDINATE amount of time recruting and everyone in the Guild puts in a lot of effort to welcome people, make them at home and part of the family and then gear them up in raids. If you get banned its like throwing all that back in our face. Don't do it. Knowing that one of your 'family' is a cheat has an effect on the Guild. Don't put the Officers, myself or other guildies in difficult situations having to deal with this.


Using real money for stuff is likely to get you a ban, selling gold, buying gold, using boosts you pay for with real money. In this case the same as above applies. What you wanna do with your gold and cash is up to you - but getting, or taking the risk of being, banned and letting the Guild and Raid Team down isn't acceptable. In view of this we are taking a stance on Boosts. If we see you getting a Boost, we will kick you. You are running the risk of a ban and deciding that getting that achievement is more important to you than supporting the Guild and Raid Team. We have NO way of knowing if you pay for that boost with gold or real money - so we make no difference in our attitude to it. You pay for a Boost - you get kicked. End of. Don't come arguing it was with in-game gold, we aren't interested.


If you want an achievement, then for god's sake, get a group in the guild to do it with you. It's not like we don't have time to do CMs, but take some responsibility and organise it yourself if it's that big an issue to you.

G. Leaving the Guild and Availability

We have an availability forum in which you should notify the Guild if you are taking a long absence, going on holiday, have PC problems or anything that means you would not be online for a period of time longer than two weeks. You must make a post in the forum to count as notification. Speaking in gchat or to an officer or other guildie saying you are on a break isn't notification.

Absent without notification.

2 weeks -> move to Inactive rank
1 month -> kick

Absent with notification.

Immediate -> move to Inactive rank
Under 6 month service - after 3 months absence you will be removed from the guild
Over 6 month service - after 6 months absence you will be removed from the guild
Significant contribution - after 1 years absence you will be removed from the guild


Significant contribution is taking a leadership role, be that officially or unofficially, significant contribution to raiding - that means 3 nights per week on a consistent basis for a protracted period of time.

Special cases: Away for work - until specified return
                     Travel - until specified return


If you stop playing WoW without notifyng us and are therefore kicked, you will are free to reapply on one occasion. If you again stop playing without notification, a return is not acceptable. We do not want people here who show no respect for the guild or the people in it by simply coming and going without the common politeness of an explanation. In addition, if you are a Raider and leave us without notification you will not be accepted back into the Guild. No second chances - we expect more from our raiders when we have geared them and planned a raid tier around them only to have them vanish.


If you notify us but the time you are away exceeds the limits set out above, then you are free to reapply should you wish to return to WoW. As long as you have the respect to let us know that you will not be playing, we will welcome you back when you can play. If however, this becomes a habit and you play, get bored and leave, then play, get bored and leave - then we will apply a 2 absences of more than 3 months within a 12 month period will result in permanent removal from the Guild. This type of sparodic attendance which is very often combined with a lack of interest in the guild, its members and website doesn't fit with what we set out to achieve here as a Guild.

If you remove your main character from the Guild, with or without notification, then your alts will be removed as well. We are not a 'twink', alt or levelling guild and your main character must be in the Guild at all times. We want to foster a close team identity, so we are looking for active people who contribute to the Guild and do not just take from it.

In addition to the circumstances above which would result in your removal from the Guild, your registration on the website will also be cancelled. The Guild Forums, Mumble, Facebook and any other Guild privileges are for Guild Members only. Of course you are welcome to visit the site and post in the Public forums (When the stream of polish spam registrations allow me to republish them!) And of course you still have access to the Weekly News.

Above all, we ask you to be honest , up-front and show some respect for the GM, Officers and Guild as a whole. If you are thinking of leaving, then having a chat with an Officer or the GM before posting in the availability forum is considered polite and will result in a amicable exit from the Guild with an open possibility of return.

Other Administration 

The Guildmaster of Divine Retribution reserves the right to modify this charter at any time, and take corrective actions required for the benefit of the guild as a whole that may not be specifically expressed in this document.