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Welcome to Divine Retribution

Where to start...



Welcome to the website of Divine Retribution, an Alliance Guild on Arathor.




When you register on the site, you MUST use your main character name as your 'User Name'. Any registration with an unknown user name will have their registration disabled.


You will receive an email which you must access to complete registration. This email goes automatically. This email always goes. This email does not fail. So, if you don't receive an email then there is something wrong your end. You either, spelt your email wrong, used a spam email addy or the email has gone to your trash folders.


New Guildies Guide


If you are a new guildie, this is the place to start. Below are links to some key information which you will need to be familiar with:


  • Charter - here you can find out a bit about us and what our rules are, including how and when you can apply for promotions and who is who in the Officer Team
  • Loot - an explanation of Divine Retribution's Loot system
  • Mumble - we use Mumble as our voice server and how to get it you will find here if you are a registered member. The password you can receive in-game.
  • Raid Rules - If you want to raid, you need to know this.


I would stress that reading the charter is crucial if you want to become a member and progress with the Guild. It explains expectations and will help you fit in with us. We are a fairly small, but social guild and while we are happy to have quiet regular players, we do like to get to know everyone a bit. Having mumble and chatting in guild chat will help with that. Our website is crucial. We do raid and we do take our Guild seriously - the website will keep you up-to-date and we do take activity on the site into consideration when promoting.


General Social Pointers:

There are a couple of things we have developed over time which have kinda become expectations:


Hi and Bye: When you log in, it expected that you say Hi and Bye when you leave. Just like you would if you were arriving at someone's house :) Jade introduced a 4 second rule as well a while back - so when you say 'Bye' wait at least 4 secs to let people respond. Fast loggers beware! Jade will be after you!!


Names: We use Main Char names here. That's why you may see us calling someone something other than the character they are online with. I know, at first it can be VERY confusing, but we are a friendly bunch and before long you will know who is who! There are a couple of exceptions to this: Suiadan and all his alts are known simply as Drew. That's because I couldn't pronounce Suiadan and gave up pretty quickly! Bloomies is also known as Kage,  - this was his main when he was in the Guild the first time round ;p Anzin is Coz.. just... COZ


There are a number of Guild phrases or sayings that you will get used to I'm sure :)

  • Like a Hotdog = awesome (reference to Eddie Izzard)
  • You will never make Raider like that (never said seriously! Most new recruits get this at some point!)
  • You ruined EVERYTHING (again, never said seriously! Usually used when someone apologies for something)
  • We asked you to do ONE thing (recent addition! Used for example when you are the last person alive and Raid Boss is at 40% and you fail to kill it solo)


Guild Ranks


Initiate: All new guildies start as Initiate. To become a member you need to register, do an intro and be active for a 2 week period. The Officers then agree if promotion to Member is appropriate. Reading the Charter will give you a clear idea of our expectations. If you do not register etc then you will remain as Initiate but will not benefit from Member privileges. If you don't post an Introduction for a period of one week, your initiate period will end early and you will be removed from the Guild.


Member: Members have access to the Guild Vault and can apply for Raider status. They are also permitted to invite as many Alts as they wish to the Guild.


Raider: Raiders are Members who have proved themselves both as active social guildies and as reliable and skilled Raiders.


Officers: Are selected and promoted to a specific role by the GM. We do not use the 'Officer' rank as promotion simply on the basis of activity or participation, or to create a group of friends. Officer numbers are kept to a minimum.


Raid Team



To raid with us the following apply:


  • You MUST have registered on the site and written your introduction.
  • You can raid as an initiate if there is a spot, but you will not have a guarantee.
  • You need to be geared for the raid you want to attend. We don't 'boost'
  • You must be properly enchanted and gemmed - we have plenty of 700 professions within the guild to help you with this - but you provide the mats.
  • Flasks and potions must be brought to the raid. You need enough for 4 hours. Food is usually provided by members, but you should ensure you bring some food of your own for use if you die, but there is not a wipe.
  • You must be active on the site so you are aware of the posts for tactics.
  • You must have mumble installed and working - You will need a mic. While being able to hear the Raid Leader and team is obviously of the utmost importance, a mic is necessary so that you don't have to stop and type mid-fight if asked a question, or if you are given a role which requires you to shout directions or announce your interrupt for example.  We suggest you sort this out before the Raid as we will not wait for you to install it

If you have just joined us and want to ultimately become a Raider then make sure you register and do your introduction so that you can become a Member as soon as possible. For this period of transition you may sign for any raids appropriate to your gear level. Initiates do not qualify for loot during their 2 week period. We will do all we can to fit you into a team, but be aware that being part of a DR Raid team is a privilege, not a right!


Raid times vary and are indicated in the in-game calendar. Times are realm times.  Summons for raids start 15 mins before Raid start time. You MUST be available for invites and in mumble at 7.45 prompt. At 11.00 (11.30 on a Wed) if we are about to down a boss I will ask if people are ok to go onto 12. If even one person says no - we stop with no bad feelings. If all agree to continue, we would call it at 12 (or either side depending on the current fight) We usually have bio breaks for 5 mins when flasks are out, and sometimes between bosses, particularly if they are new for 10 mins.


If you are an initiate who wants to become a member - then go read the charter! You wont score any points for asking questions in-game that are answered there :P


So, take a look around, get involved and have fun!


Guild Master