Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Loot Rules


This is an explanation of our Raid Loot System.

Spirit of the System:

We want to encourage team work and a friendly atmosphere. We know that some people are loot whores ^^ but they need to control that urge for the benefit of everyone. Greed will not work for you - be to others as you would like them to be to you! If you don't pass for others, it will be noted and you will find that others will then be reluctant to pass for you and Loot Masters will tend to favour others ahead of you. Loot Master's keep a record of who gets what each raid, and if BOE items are given from the Guild Vault. They also make note of who offers to pass for someone else.

At the same time we know that when we raid we all do it for the fun of it, but also for the loot and we need a system that is fair. The principles of the system are:

  • The reason we have raid Team's is that they are teams. When all of the members of the team improve through getting loot - we all benefit. Having 2 or 3 people in the team that have full tier gear for example, when the rest still have no set bonus, is not giving us the best chance at downing bosses.
  • We want to encourage people to pass loot to their team mates. This would be because for example the upgrade for someone would be higher than for another person with the same right to roll or the item has stats better for your team mate.
  • We have a 'turn-taking' system which would mean, for example that if an item drops that the Mage and the Lock can use and the Mage takes it, the next time an item drops they can both use, it goes to the Lock.
  • Our system encourages people to talk with each other and make agreements - for example Waak making a deal with Mivz, or Tigs with Flu. So Flu may agree to pass an item with Crit stats to Tigs, who needs those stats more than Flu. Remember that other raiders are not mind-readers though! If you pass, but don't have that discussion, then the person you pass to may think you just don't need the item. Make it clear you are passing as a favour to someone else.
  • Raiders are expected to do all they can to gear themselves outside of the raids - not just turn up to a raid and get loot without making an effort themselves. Those raiders who have no more items to get from anywhere but raids will have that taken into consideration when decisions are made. For example, just because you have an old tier item does not necessarily mean you get the epic item that drops over someone who has a better item equipped from Missions or crafted.
  • BOE items can only be rolled for Main Spec, with the exception of those who are REGULARLY required to play their OS. Otherwise the item goes to the Guild Vault where any absent or new raiders can ask for it for MAIN SPEC only. If there is no Main Spec requirement, the BOE goes back to the original team for OS



While you are welcome to join us raiding during your two week 'Initiate' period, you will not qualify for loot unless it would otherwise be disenchanted due to no other member of the team needing it. We hope you understand this, but our attitude of Loot belonging to the Team, not the individual means that until you are confirmed as being part of the guild and therefore the team - we want to ensure that all items are used to help the team progress.


Tokens from Raids will be awarded by the Loot Master on the following basis:

There will be a turn-taking system for Tier items. Obviously if someone has almost a set bonus, then this will provide the raid with a better chance of downing bosses if they get the set bonus. However, turn taking is important and will be considered not just within the current tier, but in past tiers. So if you were not the person who got a tier set last tier, then you will have a priority over someone who did if the upgrade would be the same for both of you.