Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Loot Rules



This is an explanation of our Raid Loot System.




Personal loot is for you, for any upgrade, however small, it will give your main and off specs. No one in the Guild should whisper others asking if they need their own loot. If you get an item that you can trade which you do not need and would otherwise sell or disenchant or scrap, then we ask that you pass this to our Master Looter who will co-ordinate passing this to those in the team who would benefit from it. See below for a full explanation.


Spirit of the System:

We are raiding Mythic, end-game content. We don't achieve success doing this as individuals, but as a team and our view is that the rewards from this team-effort belong to the team as a whole. We have always encouraged team work and a friendly atmosphere and the new forced personal loot will not change this.


The basic principle is that any item you can trade is given to the loot master who will then distribute it in line with the same policy we had under Master Loot. Anyone joining our guild needs to agree to and abide by this principle and the following:




  • We have a 'turn-taking' system which would mean, for example that if an item can be traded that the Mage and the Lock can use and the Mage takes it, the next time an item is available that they can both use, it goes to the Lock.
  • The best upgrade for the team will be considered in a turn-taking system
  • Raiders are expected to do all they can to gear themselves outside of the raids - not just turn up to a raid and get loot without making an effort themselves. Those raiders who have no more items to get from anywhere but raids will have that taken into consideration when decisions are made. For example, you should not be penalised because you have a M+ item from farming those. We have no requirement to force people to do M+ but we do encourage everyone to at least do enough M+ at the level which will give you two high ilvl options from the Great Vault. We have designated Tues and Thurs as evenings where people struggling to find a group can meet up on Discord to organise themselves. If M+ isn't your thing, then there are PvP options you can take instead to get 2 choices aside from the raid choices from the Great Vault.
  • BOE items can only be rolled for Main Spec, with the exception of those who are REGULARLY required to play their OS.  If there is no Main Spec requirement, the BOE can then be rolled for OS

How this will work in the new forced personal loot system:

Policing loot is not something any of us want to do, so our rules around this are minimal. We have a great team who are generous and committed to the progression of the guild in raids and loot has never been a traumatic or contentious issue for us. With our current team we don't forsee any issues here, so this is more as guidance for new players. Under forced personal loot the ability for us to reward or to even-out drops has been severely limited, however we will continue to work within our principles of team>individual. Forced personal loot could also cause problems as follows:

  • Individuals could be bombarded with requests and have to make a decision who to give an item to which could be time consuming and stressful
  • Linking an item that you can trade in raid chat at the same time as others, could make it confusing as to who wants your specific item and take unneccesary time
  • Without some organisation tradable loot could just go to the most popular, or the loudest team members!


Second Classes:


For the first time as a Guild, we will be raiding in BFA with second classes. This won't be something that will be happening immediately BFA raids open, but over-time we will be looking to get second classes geared. We would generally not do this if your main still requires loot urgently, therefore if we are bringing a second class to a main team raid, then mains will have priority over tradable loot, while obviously your under-geared second class is less likely to be in a position to trade anything themselves. In the event that we have a HC Alt run, then we would simply treat loot as if it was the main team, and any main team member coming along on their main would not have any priority over Alts.



Tradable items:

If an item drops and it is an upgrade for you in terms of stats or gem slots or on-use etc, then you should keep that. There will be no discussion around it - you make your decision and no one should whisper others asking if they need an item. Ever. We expect everyone to act within the principles of the team.


We use the RC Loot Council addon which Cy manages within the raids. The addon will ask you each time you loot if you wish to keep or trade and you just follow the clicks to make your decision. If an item is available for trade then the addon will offer it to you and you can select an option there for upgrade, transmog, pass. If the item is a big upgrade for you then you can say so, if its a minor upgrade - as in you think others might benefit more from it than you, you can click minor upgrade options. Cy will then decide who gets the item.

If you are someone who neglects to loot the boss so that your item will be in the postbox, or who never offers to trade items you don't really need, or swaps gear out to show a lower item equipped, then we imagine that there are other aspects of guild life here that don't work for you. While we are not going to actively police this, everyone should be clear that acting in a selfish manner in any respect of guild life will see you moving on from us. We are simply not interested in having those kind of people in our Guild and selfishness with loot will only be symptomatic of your general unsuitability for DR.


Loot is fun. Getting an item and feeling that Woohoo!! is great fun! Loot not only rewards us, it makes our team stronger - and way better looking! Both of these things lead to progress and dead bosses. While we haven't yet seen forced personal loot in action and the RNG element in the game already feels way too much.. we have never let loot ruin our atmosphere or enjoyment of playing together and achieving together. Long may that continue.