Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Mentor Programme


DR Mentors are available!



Most of our recruitment is for Mythic raiders who have some experience and skill to join in progression. However we are also happy to consider players who have only raided HC to date under our Mentoring Programme.


We have some experienced Mythic Raiders who are happy to help and give you some pointers and support as well as helping you settle into  the Guild. It can be a little daunting joining a team who has been together for some time, let alone stepping into your first Mythic raid, so our mentors are not only experts in their class, but know the guild inside out and understand what it takes to make the jump between HC and Mythic.


Mentors will work with you for between 2 and 4 weeks during your initiate period and help with the following areas as needed.


1. Class stuff!


2. Simming


3. Logs analysis


4. Guild stuff: TLDR/DpS and Class channels


5. Mythic Raiding mindset



Mentoring is meant to be a temporary situation and the aim is for you to become independant and able to analyse your own performance as a full member of the raiding team as soon as possible. While we are happy to invest our time, we expect you to make the effort to take on board the advice you are given and put in the maximum effort to start contributing fully to Mythic progress.


The Mentor Programme is only available during quieter times of a patch or expansion. When a new patch or expansion launches our team is busy with their own preparations. We also only take a limited number of new players under this scheme at a time so that our mentors are not over-loaded. Where possible we try to match you with someone who is currently playing the same class as you, however if that is not possible we have raiders who are experienced in a number of classes and have alts they play regularly.