Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


DR Raid Rules


Guidelines for DR Raiders.


  • Sign for Raids at least one week in advance. Signups for the coming week (Wed to Wed) will be CLOSED after the raid on a Monday. If you forget to sign - grovelling to the GM will be required.
  • Turn up when you have signed and be on time - you should be online and on Discord at 7.45pm promptly for invites and and should be outside the raid ready to enter.
  • Be prepared – have the TLDR to hand, have enchants/gems sorted and flasks and food ready. It is not acceptable to come to a raid without all of these. Missing enchants and gems will result in you being removed from the raid on HC and benched for Mythic.
  • Make sure your DBM (or other addon) is up-to-date
  • Tactic discussion NOT in Discord in the raid. We amend the TLDR once the Officer Team have discussed the best strategy for the team, taking into account our strengths and weaknesses. Once it is updated you are free to comment, make suggestions, disagree. However we want an agreed way forward once we get into the raid and from then on suggestions for tweaks are very welcome. We do NOT however accept 30 mins discussions of which strategy to use when this could have been discussed in the forum. It wastes time. Turning up to a raid with some secret gem of an idea so that you look all clever isn't helpful to anyone else except your own ego. If you want to make suggestions, then make a post in the tactics forum, or better yet, grab Cy outside of the raids on discord and have a chat.
  • Show respectful behaviour to everyone in the team. Don't comment to highlight someone's mistakes – whisper your role leader if you think someone needs help, or whisper them!
  • Be positive and patient.
  • Read the Loot Rules and be in agreement with them
  • We have 2 raid leaders and 3 role leaders within a officer team of 6. We do not need 26 raid leaders. Shouts and comments IN fight should only be heard from Officers or people who have been given a specific role and asked to do this. The rest of you need to be quiet. If you want to show off how clever you are, then leave that for M+ please.
  • Jokes/chat/comments kept to a minimum IN (progression)FIGHT and to a MAX at all other times!
  • Have fun!!


  • Fail to do any of the above
  • Take ages to rez and run, go afk and generally waste your teams time. This includes running back in and not eating. making everyone wait for you.
  • Ask inane questions or state the bloody obvious.
  • Fail to listen carefully when tactics or instructions are given. Typing in chat channels when tactics are being given out is not just rude, it leads to people missing important info or reminders, or then asking questions that have already been answered. This wastes time and causes wipes.
  • Type tactics into the raid channel when your Raid Leader is in the middle of explaining things. We have one Raid Leader, one Assistant Raid Leader and four Role Leaders, not 25 of each.
  • Join the Discord raid channel if you are NOT in the raid, unless by specific invitation by the Raid Leader.

Raid Breaks:

Particularly on progression fights where we may be wiping, it is really important to have short breaks so people can stretch their legs, have bio's etc. Breaks will occur when flasks have run out and we generally take 5 mins. Other than that, longer breaks of 10 mins may be taken as flasks run out if Officers need to review tactics or we need to ask somone to respec etc. To make the best use of flasks, please use yours with everyone else when the Raid Leader calls for it.

Come back from breaks on-time. Any Loot from previous bosses will be handed out directly a break ends. If you decide to take a longer break, you WILL miss out.

Signing for raids and availability

As mentioned above, you should be signing on a Monday evening at the lastest for the following week. There are a couple of reasons we ask this.

  • When we prepare tactics, knowing who we have in the raid is vital. Forming a strategy around Warlock portals, DK's grips or Shammy totems for example can mean having to redo tactics if certain players are or are not there.
  • Healers and Tanks, this is even more crucial as replacements need to be found and prepared.
  • When we get to Mythic we have a fixed number required to attend, so this becomes not only useful, but absolutely crucial. No reason not to get into the habit from day one on normals.

If you are, or want to become Raider Rank in the Guild, then the expectation is that you attend every raid. If you cannot attend, simply not signing is not acceptable. I do not have the time to run around every week trying to speak to people individually to find out if they forgot to sign, or if they cannot actually make it.
Please use the availability forums if you are going to be absent. There are some raiders who only raid once or twice a week. These discussions will have already happened with me so there is no need to post every week :)


You are expected to have enough stacks of all of the above for every raid you come to. Failure to do so will result in you being removed from the group unless the Guild Bank or another player can loan you some. This applies to ALL raid difficulties.

Feasts are back for BFA! However, they are very costly and it is unlikely we will be able to provide them at least at the start of the expansion and probably not later on either unless Raiders regularly donate mats to the Guild Bank. At the present time I see the following as the likely way we will use food.

Feasts will be used for serious progress pulls where we think we are likely to get our first kill but need a little extra boost!
Otherwise individual food will be used.

Therefore you should come to every raid with at least a stack of individual food and more once we are doing HC and Mythic. You are of course free to use individual food all through the raid should you wish!

Pots and Flasks will be used for every pull, so make sure you have enough for the entire evening.

Mats for providing the Mythic Goodie Bags, for emergency rations if some of you forget, or for the feasts which the Guild will provide are very much appreciated. If you wish to make feasts to level your cooking and then use these for everyone in the raid, please place them in the Guild Bank once they are made. Three people putting down feasts at the same time or putting down a feast just as I ask for individual food is a waste. The Officers will place feasts in raids.