Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


This is Divine Retribution



Hello and welcome to the website of Divine Retribution!



We are a World of Warcraft Guild on EU Arathor/Hellfire. We were formed in August of 2010 during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion as a social levelling guild. 9 years later we are raiding Mythic and have built ourselves into a guild that promotes a social and friendly atmosphere AND raiding end-game content with a good deal of success.


Access to the website is for registered members only. If you are interested in the Guild just to find out more about us, or to enquire about joining us, then please contact Ellz in game on BNet. Ellz#21767.


BFA Expansion Results




Mythic Progress: 7/8


Server Position: 3


EU Rank: 1353


World Rank: 2209



Battle of Dazar'alor:


Mythic Progress: 9/9


Server Position: 3


EU Rank: 886


World Rank: 1493



Crucible of Storms:


Mythic Progress: (We didnt... who did?? ;p) 2/2 Heroic

Server Position: 2


EU Rank: 514

World Rank: 927



The Eternal Palace


Mytic Progress: 7/8


Server Position: 3


EU Rank: 796


World Rank: 1324





Mythic Progress: 11/12


Server Position: 2


EU Rank: 835


World Rank: 1313