Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update 9th Oct 2019




With so much new content announced for the new patch, make sure you head over to MMO to check it all out.

Guild News:


Welcome to: Richard and Noy who join us on Warrior and DH respectively. Their assigned mentors are Ida and Tac, but I know you will all make them welcome!


Grats on promotion to Member to: Gank and Krissie! Thats it now guys.. there is no escape :D


Roles and responsibilities: We are making some changes which we hope will benefit the Guild and raids overall by relieving some pressure on individual officers and spreading the workload about a bit. As a result, Levy and Mystik will be leading all farm fights in both HC and Mythic to give Cy and I a little break. Currently that will go up to Ashvane Mythic where Cy and I will take over. This will include invites, Mythic sit outs on farm fights, keeping you all in line as well as tactic reminders and shouts etc in fight. In addition to giving us a little break, Ida is going to be giving some Heal Lead support to Cookie - so if he tells healers to do something.. snap to it! :D


New Recruit programme:


We had a bit of a natter in raid on Monday, waiting for late arrivals, around how we are recruiting at the moment, so I want to just do a quick summary here.


  • We are going to widen our recruitment to players who are not immediately Mythic raid ready
  • Cy and I will do a M+ with potential recruits as well as the usual intro chat before we decide if we can accommodate them
  • Any new recruit at this level will have a mentor, so we will only recruit if we have an available mentor
  • We will keep the number in this group small and only do this during quiet times, avoiding major patches.
  • A M+ team for these new recruits would give them the chance to do group content in the guild whilst preparing to Mythic progression raid, however we will all work on including them in any group activity going on outside raid.

I will be doing a forum post over the coming days with more details, but much of this will evolve I'm sure as we see how it works. The arrangements for the moment are as follows:


  • Gank:  Mentor, Tac. M+ group role: Melee DpS
  • Krissie: Mentor, Munhz. M+ group role: Ranged DpS
  • Richard: Mentor, Tac. M+ group role: Melee DpS
  • Noy: Mentor, Ida. M+ group role: Tank DpS


Elly will be providing healing services to this team!


The one area we are not yet decided on is how we do raid catchup. There is a bit of a dilema here as, given how far behind we are in this tier and the on-going availability issues we have, we do need every precious moment on progress if we are going to get close to our goal of Cutting Edge. For this week, Cy is taking the 2 new recruits to a pug HC this morning. As he will not be leading farm from this evening, it gives the new guys a chance to have one-on-two in discord through all the fights and particularly the first 3 that they will be doing on Mythic this evening. So this week we are getting a lockout for Zaq for the main raid tonight, but the new recruits will have cleared all HC. Once we have gotten everything we need for HC for the main team we can review how we do this going forward with new recruits. The suggestion was that we do a HC run and fill it with as many who would be able to trade items to new recruits as possible. Bringing alts to that run would be possible if they are geared enough to pass loot on - otherwise it kinda defeats the point. We will think more on this over the coming weeks.

This Week's Plan:


In the light of all that above the plan this week is:


Wed: Mythic: 1-4 (Ashvane will be main team only as we don't feel we yet have that on farm!)


         HC: Zaq + Azshara


         Org progress if we get that far


Sun+ Mon: Org progress.


In addition I have a last boss Operation Mecha lockout for those of you still not having the Essence. At the moment people needing that are: Cookie, Gank, Noy as far as I know. Anyone else needing this get in touch fast. Ida and Tac have been helping out as needed and I want to set a time to do this so can you all let me know when you would be able to. I am suggesting Thurs at 5.30 server time a a starter for it! Get back to me.

In Other News:


Raid Preparation:


For the past couple of weeks it has come up at Officer Meeting that some people are not coming to raid prepared and individual chats have been seen as the way forward to deal with this. However, that does not seem to be working - so let me make it clear here.


It is not acceptable to come to raids without enough pots/food/health pots/gold for repair. This is basic Mythic Raiding 101 and frankly I am not at all happy that I even have to mention this. These items have to be the top tier quality. We are a Mythic raiding guild, aiming for Cutting Edge. No one here can say they do not have time to get these items ready given the lack of content at the moment. However, you do actually need to make an effort and PLAY the game to get them. When people who barely log into the game aside from raids then dont have the consumables required, this is pure laziness. Sort it out, or sit out. Some of you owe people in the raid pots/gold because they have helped you out in an emergancy. Please repay them and make sure you have enough consumables to raid with from now on. People who particularly need to pay attention to this are: Esu, Red, Chris.


M+ in Discord:


Cy has done some work to help any who wish to shout for M+ in discord able to do that a little more easily. There is a link here explaining how it works so go check it out! We would like people to still ask in Guild Chat first as not everyone has discord running all the time, but it might help if people are playing other games but would like to hop in for a M+.


Ok, Im done and outta here.. see you in-game!