Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Oct 2nd 2019

Bring back 1st Aid!




Guild News:


Grats on Raider Of The Month to:


Tac, Cy, Ellz, Red, Grimey, Munhz, Paul, Term, Tony, Uz, Cookie, Visp
Last Week Recap:


A pretty easy clear on Wed until Ashvane, where the joy at finally having killed her the previous week seemed to result in erasing all memory of HOW we did it on Wednesday evening!! Back in on Sunday, refocussed and with the right traits/essences/talents/heads/fingers/toes/transmog - who knows, somehow it worked! The rest of Sunday and a short raid on Monday was spent on Orgy where we tried out different combinations of tanks/healers/people ON adds/people NOT on adds. There were 2 main issues really: not enough healing and not enough DpS. That's all, everything else was pretty much perfect. Oh, except understanding mechanics... which Grimey finally did for the last few pulls of Monday! Our spreading for Arching Current improved dramatically, we finally got to P2 by the end of Monday!

Plan this week:


Wed: HC and Mythic clear: Will do our usual rotates on Mythic after the HC clear. Please update your gear needs, we want to be stopping HC asap. Whatever time we get there, we will be taking a break before Ashvane for everyone to check they have the right set up for attempting to kill her promptly, and not 4 days after our clear night!


Thurs: Healer Meeting 7pm server time. I am putting this in but please let me know individually if the time suits and we can rearrange if needed.


Sun/Mon: Orgy. At this stage, while a couple more Ashvane kills might give us more loot, it is practice and using what we already have that is going to get this kill. We now have everyone in the team with 65 neck, well geared, most people have all the essences available - so what is left is us and our ability. Oh, and having a regular team who is actually available to raid!! I was hoping after the mess caused by suimmer vacations last month, we would finally get some consistency - however I am aware that at least 2 of you will be unavailable this month - so there is going to be some experimentation around people in and out to give people experience so we arent left with having to bring new people in at the last moment. We expected this fight to be a healing challenge and we do need to rethink how we are handling CDs - however, we werent really expecting it to be a DpS challenge. When we have to swap people in an out, it changes timings as people's DpS is different, which knocks on to how fast we kill the adds, if it overlaps with Arching Current, how we heal through that or if that changes CDs... so what would really help is if those of you who are going to be away over the next weeks would post in the forum with exact dates so we can do some planning!


We did make progress on Monday particualrly, and with everyone now knowing the mechanics :D, we are set for some progress this week. The heal team needs to look at options, which healers, how we run CDs, what essences/traits might work better, so lets meet up and get ourselves sorted on Thurs.


In Other News:


Herb appeal: If any of you have spare herbs - mostly the old kind at the moment, we are pretty well stocked for cauldrons, then please deposit in the bank or send direct to me for Battle Shout scrolls. We have enough new herbs for this and next week's Vantus Runes, but we will need to farm next week to have enough going forward, so again - any spare would be appreciated.


Availability: As I said above, advance availability is really important. There will always be emergancy absence, so when you KNOW you are away, please put it in the forum asap so we can plan ahead a bit.


Recruitment: With alts being so damn awful to get raid ready, we are limited a bit with classes this Tier. Also with the loss of a number of people we could do with boosting the ranks a little, so please help out by either referring people, or replying to the 2 recruitment posts. I have noticed recently that Arathor/Hellfire is now listed as a high population server! Dunno if Classic has brought more back to the game.. but we have mostly had recruits from our realm over the past Tier anyway - so this could be a good time to get a few more on board. Here are the links for the posts: Main Forum  Arathor/Hellfire Forum


One of the things I spoke about in the other week's news was perhaps changing how we prepare and bringing on more 'not quite ready for Mythic' players, particularly Classic returners. I'm looking at this because we have a good few months left before the next patch/new raid/new expansion.. whatever they are going to announce at Blizzcon. While we absolutely DO need to step up our pace in the raid, out of raid at 65 neck we don't have a hell of a lot to do, so we either go do something else, or generally just dont log in. What we could do is spend some time with new recruits and look at helping boost our available to Mythic raid people.