Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 25th 2019

Ashvane bee dead!




Guild News:


Welcome to: Krissie, who joins us as another Spriest! Glad to have you onboard and hope you will bee very happy here :D



Invite to Officer Meeting: We are inviting Grimey to attend Officer Meeting which will bee on Monday Sept 30th after the raid.


People Update: GL and best wishes to Ala who goes into hospital on Thurs. Hope all goes well and wish you a speedy recovery. I have also heard from Nasty this week - he has been having a hell of a time and is also currently in and out of hospital. Thoughts with him and Ailoo and again, best wishes for recovery.


Last Week's recap:


Having wanted to bee done with Ashvane, we cleared our HC/Mythics on Wed and gave ourselves a little break for the rest of the evening as we had our last remaining holidayers still away. On Sunday with everyone, bar Mystik back, we wondered, will this bee the night we finally have enough of the kill team here to see this boss dead! With a change to strat, mostly that we were 2 tanking and pushing the vulnerability phases, it seemed this would indeed bee the night. Down she went after 7 wipes and wooop! what a buzz ! For the remainder of the evening we took a look at what would bee our next boss, Gorgonzola. We knew we wouldn't bee able to cheese this boss, so instead I have decided to put all the cheese here in the news. Big thanks to all who helped our Monday night with Cy being poorly as well!


Really well done everyone on Ashvane - this was a tough fight mostly because we had so many people away, making progress with the same people problematic. However, what I DO like very mush is how we came together as a guild to meet the challenge. Seeing people really pull the stops out, think about how they could squeeze those4 last drops of DpS out.. this was great and something approach-wise I hope we take forward.

This week's plan:

We were feeling pretty 'sirene' after our Ashvane kill, but the next challenge would turn out to bee just as difficult. While this boss is mostly a healer check, there are still DpS markers to hit and we need to bee better in both departments. We don't want to bee having another 'saga' with this fight, so where we need focus is not spreading debuffs which currently is making a difficult fight to heal almost impossible. We also need to get to the second phase a little faster before healing CDs run out. Healing needs to bee at the top of it's game so we aren't having to 'grevé' over dead DpS who won't then get us to that second phase! It will bee a 'graveria' day if we spend as much time on this boss as we did the last. Some people are still not using top level food and some didn't use a pot on Monday! dont 'telemea' you can'f afford these cos that would bee untrue! Just like we did with Ashvane lets look at our essences, traits, talents, trinkets and how we can improve our performance so we can bee done with this boss as well and all go to the pub for a 'jarlsberg'


The 'orda' of business this week will bee:

Wed: HC, last 3 bosses clear/Mythic first 4 bosses clear


Sun/Mon: Orgozoa




Please 'caerphilly' complete the gear spreadsheet on the TLDR so I can pre-plan the Mythic clears this evening, we don't want to bee hanging about waiting!


For Sun/Mon we might need to swap a few people around to find the best combination for killing Orgozoa, we need a good mix of single target and cleave - so please, if you have signed, make sure you are here - it would bee a shame to have to 'cantal' any raids this week!


In Other News:


The patch bee here!


Aside from the war campaign, the most important thing in the patch is that you all bee heading over to Stormsong, where I hope very soon we will bee counting the number of 'beemster's' in the guild!


Thats it for this week!