Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 18th 2019

Guild News:


Thanks to the following for helping supply us with herbs this week: Munhz (1438) Uz (400) Ellz (455) Cy (472) Term (422) Tac (200) Ides (600) Also Elly who provided loads of vantus runes, about 800 new herbs worth! This wasnt an official farming weekend, but we will add Munhz as top contributor to the dicord rank alongside Ida as a thankyou!


Welcome to: 'G' (Ganksta) who joins us as a recent returner to Classic who told me that as much as he might have enjoyed it, nothing could make him 14 again! So he has dipped his toe into current WoW and revived his love of the game! He will be working on getting Mythic raid ready and hopefully will join us a bit later for that challenge!


Grats on 65 this week to: Sam, Red, Elly, Chris, Tac. Honestly, the rest of you SHOULD have this by now... you slackers you :D



This Week's Plan:


We are clearing this evening our usual last 3 HC and then first 3 Mythic. After that we want a little chat about plans for Ashvane on Sun/Mon when we have most of our absentee's back. Cy would like to try the zerg strat on this fight which involves saving all CDs until the vulnerability phases and skipping the 3rd shield. We will want to try this with 2 Tanks, and posssibly 2 healers, tho if we have the DpS to do this having 3 would be safer. This means looking at your character and re-thinking a little for burst windows, so after our clear tonight  we will have some discussion around it and send some of you off into groups to look class specific where you might want to change some things. You then have until Sunday to prepare for hopefully a kill! There are 5 of you left under 65 Neck level - 3 of whom are close, so if you could please do all you can to just make that last little step to the 3rd Essence slot, then that will help the team get that little bit closer to a kill as well as pretty well prepared for the rest of the tier.




We Will run a HC Warfront after the raid this evening!


In Other News:




We have been having a little think about recruitment and how best to get ourselves the roster we need to avoid what has happened on Ashvane with us having to cancel raids due to not having the right team there. Munhz, who was guest attendee at Officer Meeting brought this up as well. Obviously we can't plan for rl last min issues and Ashvane was a particular issue because of the huge DpS check which we havent come across to that extent before and havign a number of our team who for a variety of reasons weren't able to reach that during earlier progression and therefore missed out on learning the fight. Then having so many go on holiday, some unexpected and Nasty MIA kinda put a spanner in the works too. We have made some plans, for example having Zubs get a DH on its way so that the pressure on Cram to be there every raid doesnt stress him.. and me :D out. However, we are also aware of a few people who have hinted we might not be able to rely on them in the future - to be clear, I'm not having those convos till AFTER Ashvane! However, we do need to think how to strengthen the roster.


I have been having a few potential recruits want to join who are just waaaay under-geared with no raiding experience, or no Mythic raiding experience and gently suggesting other guilds as I know we couldnt use them atm and that would just leave them hanging around on the outskirts of the guild and missing out on what makes DR so strong in terms of community. With so many of you playing Classic out of raid times, this also means the guild is an even quieter place in between raids than usual which makes bringing people in who can't raid yet even more of a concern. We have said for some time that we dont recruit social members because of this issue - even without the Classic consideration. However, we are thinking ahead to next tier, or even later this tier and thinking that perhaps with people like 'G' around we might think a bit differently for now. I still do not want to turn us into a huge guild with people we never get to know - but I do think that bringing some more people onboard who maybe arent in a position to raid Mythic NOW, but might be later would give us some more options.


Doing this would give them a little team to group up with, but also does mean that the rest of us might need to make a little more effort to help people out - these new recruits could be your potential team mate on a furture Mythic fight!! So I know I can rely on you to welcome and be the lovely crowd of DR members you are and help to integrate new members as much as possible.


Sunday we start progression again - and we have some time to make up in this tier. So get yourselves ready for... a fight!