Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 11th 2019

Guild News:


Grats this week on 3rd Essence slot to: Cram, Heli and Ray! This brings our total to 12 with a number of you now very close.


Grats on RoTM to: 

Tac, Cy, Ellz, Grimey, Ida, Heli, Levy, Munhz,Tony, Uz, Cookie, Visp and Term


Last Week's Recap:


We had a pretty good clear on Wed, with Cy getting us a lockout to Court and then with Guild Meet this past weekend, we got back to progress on Ashvane on Monday evening. There was SUCH good progress there! Getting to like 3% on our last attempt! What held us up from getting the kill on Monday was that we still are not getting to that last 30% enough to practice what to do. However, this would definately be looking like a kill IF we didnt have a quarter of the raid team on holiday this week :D


Talking of Guild Meet, just want to say a big thank you to all of you who came along for being such lovely house guests! Yes, even Zubs. We do have a rule of what happens at Guild Meet, stays at Guild Meet - but I will say that much fun, chat, food, drink, banter, games and shaving and tanning of Zubs legs was had! It is hard to know what will happen in the next year, but contrary to my usual 'I'm never doing this again!' I do have some plans for next year. Next year will be DR's 10th Anniversary on August 5th. We had some discussions over the weekend about what we might do to celebrate that and with people travelling from all over the EU to get here, we often find that only 3 days leaves people with little energy to do much more than chill out at my place. Not that there is anything wrong with that! But we thought next year we might extend Guild Meet and have people arrive Fri and leave Monday instead of Sun so that we could have a day out in Brighton - led by Zubs (god help us) So, instead of waiting until sometime next year, let's say that the first weekend in August will be Guild Meet and we can make further plans nearer the time.

This Week's plan:


This evening we will clear the first 3 Mythics and we will want to do the last 3 HCs again this week. Being so close to a Ashvane kill, its with mixed feelings that I see the nerf button has finally hit her. I'd like to say a huge well done and thank you to all those who worked so hard on this boss. It's the first time that as a team we have really spent time on an individual basis as well as a team basis looking at how we play, what we can improve and people really examining their game play to get that bit of extra DpS out. I'd like to think that this isn't a one-off but that as we take our next steps as a Mythic raiding team, people will do this for upcoming bosses as well. It paid off, the 'kill team' was actually having to look at holding back on DpS at certain points on Monday! We still need to do work on mastering mechanics faster and with more accuracy, but overall we have done a good job. What has really held us back on this fight is availability - and possibly Classic taking time away from people getting their 3rd essences, but mostly it has been availability and this is kinda invevitable over the summer months. We had people away and just as they return, others head off.


We don't know if with the nerf we can now kill her without the kill team - it's not just a DpS race, bringing new people in at this stage means waiting for them to get up to speed with mechanics. In addition we are missing some pretty significant damage dealers and Spongie has left to join friends on another server. So Cy and I will take a view after our Mythic kills this evening, but it is likely that we might give Ashvane a try after we clear the first 3 and see how it looks. We have Ray and Cram tonight only, so this would be the best time to try it out.


If we aren't going to progress Ashvane this week, we did think about possibly going back to get a Jaina lockout so we could farm for the mount, or perhaps going back and getting G'huun down in Uldir as we still miss this. We will make a call on this after this evening and then if we are going back to some fun raids for Sun and Mon, we will call for people to unsign if they are not interested and see where we are. Next week we will have Heli and Mystik away, but I am hoping that our raiding schedule will get back to normal and we can start getting on with the other bosses and catching up with progress. So, please bear with us for one more week! We still have time as this raid is likely to be a long one to get to Cutting Edge - but we WILL need to get a shift on, and that means all of you lagging behind on your 3rd essence slot need to make a decision about if Cutting Edge is your priority and make just that little more effort to catch up.


In Other News:




While numbers-wise we are looking good, even with Spongie leaving and Nasty and Ailoo MIA. What we miss are some key classes and people who are still playing catch-up means that having 20 who are ready and able to progress at Cutting Edge level is sometimes a struggle. I have re-opened recruitment and have our main and realm post updated. Offers to keep these posts alive and bumped would be much appreciated, links to them are in Discord.


See you this evening,