Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Sept 4th 2019

Guild Meet cometh!




Guild News:


News is gonna be short and sweet this morning. Guild Meet is in 2 days so I'm super busy!


Grats on 65 Neck and 3rd slot!


Just wanted to do a little congrats to people as we now have 10 with their 3rd Essence slot - while there may have been a little internal race going on as well, which Cy, ofc, won some time ago... it's also good to see the effort people are putting in and hopefully (IF we ever get a team together again to kill Ashvane!) it will help us out in the raid as well. SO grats to:


Cy, Ellz, Mystik, Levy, Munhz, Grimey, Spongie, Visp, Paul, Uz!



Plan for the Week:

With availability being what it is at the moment, we are struggling to get the kill team together for Ashvane and this Sunday we also have Guild Meet. So the plan is to clear Mythic and either use my Mage's lockout on HC, or given the loot we got after her lockout last week, Cy is going to try to get a Court HC lockout so we can skip forward to that. So hopefully this evening will be a nice short raid and all the Classic players can get back to their yummy levelling! :D


I'd just like to also say thanks to those playing Classic for still showing to raids/M+ It could have been a case that the excitement of 'Old' WoW took you guys away completely for the first weeks, but it's nice to see people keeping up their commitment to the team. So we will make clears as short and clean as possible - there's no point just killing things for the sake of it!


On Sunday we have Guild Meet so there is no raid, on Monday Cram has managed to get the evening off work and Spongie should be back, Nasty was due back on 2nd but I've not seen him yet, so all fingers are crossed he is here for Monday and we can get back to Ashvane. AoD killed Ashvane a week ago and are about to kill Orgy, so we have some catching up to do. The extra people with 3rd Essence slots might help add a little DpS, but we do think this is now killable with the effort everyone has put in. What we need is to get the the 3rd shield on a regular basis so that we can work out what is the hardest part of this fight, both in timings in general, DpS required, Term getting all the orbs he needs to, us getting all the ones we need to and healers actually seeing that part of the fight to work out CDs/mana useage etc. So, Sunday lets get in there, lets get to that 3rd shield... if we can work that out, it's kinda dead!


In Summary:


Wed: Mythic x 3 clear/HC from Court


Sun: Night off!


Mon: Mythic Ashvane (Spongie and Nasty depending)



In Other News:


Guild Meet:


Wishing all of you coming safe journeys, I will do a little weather update in the forum later this evening!