Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update Aug 28th

Last Week in Review:


Best clear ever! We did pretty good last week with our clear on Wed, skipping through 3x Mythic and a full HC clear and getting 45 mins of raid time to look at Ashvane. Due to availability issues on Sunday we did a fun run on Normal for achievements and got ourselves a nice pic of new mounts!  Monday we resumed our progress on Ashvane and with the set up we had for the evening, we were finally hitting those DpS checks we needed to for the first shields. However, whether it was the looming launch of Classic, or just a long night, we had way too many P1/2 wipes and only got to where we needed to in order to learn the last section of the fight once. Having worked so hard to get the DpS, we obviously now have to work on our early mechanic handling in order to get any further.


This Week's Plan:


As I said at the start of Monday's raid, we have more availability issues for the next 2 weeks. This week we have from the kill team: Nasty, Cram, Mystik and Spongie away on Sunday with only Mystik returning for sure on Monday. This isn't just a case of replace these people with others as we do have the luxury of a very healthy roster. Warrior and DH buffs to the raid are helping with the DpS checks and Nasty in particular is often our top DpS. While we are hitting these checks, it's hard to see how we would do so without the classes we need. In addition, Usti is going to take a break so moving forward we will have Ida switching to main tank for the raid. We have a few in the team that are currently standbys due to having been away for the start of the tier, so we need to get Esu and Chris in particular up to speed with both gear and neck ilvl.


So the plan this week is to start with Mythic clear this evening, funnel some gear where we need to and then spend the rest of the evening on Ashvane. We are missing Cram and Nasty this evening, so we would like Ala on his DH. Elly will replace Ida healing as Ida moves over to tanking, and Ray is back so will step back in instead of Nasty. This is going to leave us short DpS with both Nasty and Cram out, however we did have some to spare on Monday and I will continue to DpS the first shield to try and get a little extra in.


Thursday evening we are planning a HC Warfront at 8pm - sign in the calendar for that.


On Sunday we will do a HC clear and work on getting some of our backups more gear so that we have a little more flexibility. Sunday is not an optional raid. Having those of you who need very little gear now able to funnel some to those who need it is key and besides, the gear spreadsheet indicated there are still some outstanding items. If we can get the majority of these cleared this evening, we may then look to getting a later lockout so that we can stop doing a full HC clear from next week. Cloth wearers that are able to give Esu Azerite pieces are going to be very much appreciated.


Monday's raid we are planning to cancel. Unless the set-up this evening shows we have PLENTY of spare DpS, with Nasty and Spongie, who currently are at the top of our DpS for this fight, away and Cram's availability not yet known, the benefit of spending an evening wiping because we can't get the first shield down is negligable.


So the schedule is:

Wed: Mythic clear + Ashvane progress


Thurs: HC warfront


Sun: HC clear


Mon: Night off!


In Other News:



While we now stand with a roster of 27, as the past 2 weeks have shown, we are missing a DH in particular and enough backups ready to deliver the DpS levels we need. Cram's availability is due to get better next month, but this is meaning that our goal of clearing early is becoming less and less likely. I am looking for another DH, but what we really need is for all 27 of us to be geared, neck levelled up - or should I say, Essenced up! and able to DpS their hearts out while handling these Mythic mechanics. As for those currently doing progression - the 3rd Essence and a smartening up of mechanic handling is going to go a long way in getting bosses down faster! So there is still plenty of work for all of us.


Looking ahead:

With Guild Meet next weekend, we are looking at a 2 day raid week and some people forgot to sign for the new month, so please make sure you are signed up so we can plan effectively.