Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU


Weekly Update August 21st 2019


Guild News:

Welcome to: Spongie who joins us to save me from making Battle Shout scrolls! (And cos his logs are damn good!)


Grats on Promotion to Member to: Ailoo (Who I am really hoping will say 'yes' when I speak to her later!)


Last Week's Roundup:

After a really improved Mythic and HC clear on Wed that saw us having some free time at the end of the raid, we spent the rest of the week tackling Ashvane Mythic. We did 2 hours on Sunday and 2.5 on Monday. What we saw was progress! We were getting into the blue more regularly and had a few attempts where we got to our goal of getting that second shield down. Our next goal is going into the 3rd shield phase and having the DpS to get to 34.9%. We had a couple of attempts where we got close to that and the gap closed to 3% off that target! The DpS check is so tight here, we really just need a little more and everyone on form to get there!

This Week's Plan:


HC and Mythic clear tonight. Maybe a little Ashvane if we zip through that even better than last week!

The rest of the week is a little up in the air. On Sunday we are missing Cram, Ray and Mystik. On Monday we are missing (at the moment) Cram and Ray. We really need the DH buff to do this fight and everyone who worked on it last week there, rather than try bringing other people in. It's not so much an issue about us needing practice, we know what we need to do, its having the right DpS numbers to push the fight further. I want to see how this evening goes, and if possible have a couple of go's on Ashvane to see if our DpS has gone up with another week of gear - and ofc check out our new warrior on the clear fights! We can then make a judgment call on if it is worth trying on Sunday with 3 members of the 'kill team' not there. There is also a possibility that Mystik might be able to make it.. but that's a slim one.


I think it is more likely that the option for Sunday is a normal clear for the achievements. So there will be something on, no matter what - but if we do an achievement run instead, that is of course optional - just don't complain later that you didnt get them! :D


Monday we will wait to hear if Cram can make it and then make the same call.


This fight is great. Despite the number of wipes and the slight feeling we are banging our heads against a very ugly wall... the spirit of the team is really good to see and very encouraging. This is the first fight as a guild where I feel like every single person in that team is totally involved in it's planning and making top efforts to squeeze out every bit of added performance they can. There are a couple of you that still could be doing more, and we have had some people having a bad day, which happens.. and it becomes very clear if someone shows up unprepared. It's a bit like showing up to a sporting event - like the Olympics at the moment! We need everyone totally on top of their game because it's so tight, just one person feeling poorly for example and we can't manage to get that little extra we are needing. However, overall the amount of effort that you guys have gone to, the min-maxing, the gear optimising, the talent/essence selecting and trialing.. this is a Mythic team!! Atmosphere is good and despite 3 weeks of wipes, it feels like people are determined to make this happen. Really good job people. And while this week might be a bit of a mess with availability, I think it will be this that holds us back, not performance or ability. I've heard some people comment that we might have to wait until everyone gets the third essence slot before we get the kill - this is the only area where I feel we could put in some more effort - however, I'm comparing us with other guilds who have killed this, or are pushing like us, and we arent that far off that either.


So, lets do our best tonight, hope for those pieces of gear that might get us closer - and those of you backup for this fight - any piece you can pass over that might help would be appreciated. I will update you all probably on Sat as to what Sunday is looking like.


In Other News:




Despite asking on numerous occasions, people still arent filling in the gear check. Cookie and Red still need to make any submission at all and a number of you have not updated when I know you have gotten pieces. Some of you are being brilliant. But those who arent, I'm tempted to make you select the team - and then you might understand how much work this takes to try and get those who need to be there to get pieces and balance that with not sitting the same people out all the time and stacking armour/roles to get the best chances of pieces to trade around. Given the lack of co-operation from some, I can't guarentee I will be able to make the best choices.


Guild Meet:


We have the final confirmations for Guild Meet attendance. For those new to us, we meet once a year in the UK and this year it's 6-8th Sept. This means we wont be able to have the normal Sunday raid I've considered trying for a Thurs raid instead, but I know that some attending Guild Meet are leaving very very early on Fri morning and this might not work. I considered a Tues raid as well, but that means raiding 3 nights in a row - something I think  given where we are isn't the best option. We will have a brief chat about this in raid tonight to see what people think, but having only 2 raid nights for that week isnt the end of the world.. just given this week where we might only have 2 as well.. it's not ideal. We will see.


Ok, that's my lot for this week!