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Welcome to the website of Divine Retribution, an Alliance Guild on Arathor.


If you are here to find out more about us prior to applying to join, this bit is for you!


Joining Divine Retribution:


We are a small but social guild with the aim to clear Mythic Raiding content each expansion. We have made great progression each expansion towards that end and look forward to continuing that. As a Guild that has been raiding since the end of Wrath, we have changed quite a lot. From our beginnings as a social levelling guild, to a casual raiding guild, to a now more semi-hard core raiding guild and from a 10 man to 20 man raid team. This has brought its own challenges over the years, but at our core we started and remain a tight-knit team that works and plays hard together.


We have learnt over the years that trying to be all things to all people is impossible. So we don't try. We are a raiding guild. We do have some social members, but they are ex-raiders who no longer raid with us but remain part of the family. We do not recruit socials. We have very high standards around how we care for, treat, behave with, each other and frankly we don't have the time to give this level of care and attention to 100s of members and especially those who don't raid. Raiding and M+ are our main Guild activities and not being part of that means that you miss the opportunity to make the depth of relationships we are all about. There are lots of social guilds out there and if that is what you are looking for, I am happy to recommend a few.


So, you are here if you want to raid Mythic.


Being in the raid team is a commitment and a privilege, not a right. You earn your spot through performance, which focuses as much on surviving and dealing appropriately with mechanics as it does DPS or HPS. However the other crucial factor is your reliability. We do not accept raiders who cannot make all 3 raids on a regular basis. Our backup raiders are generally ex-3 night raiders who are no longer able to attend with the same regularity as they did before. We do not recruit backups.


If you fulfil these requirements then read on!




The first step is to speak to us. We have a recruitment channel on Discord: discord.gg/8x3Nd8T You can join there and follow the instructions to fill in a short application form after which you will generally have 2 chats with us. The first chat will be with your potential role leader who will want to look at your previous performance and experience. The second chat will be with the GM and sometimes also the Raid Leader. If those chats go well then you will be offered a Guild Trial.


You will then need to register here on the site.


When you register on the site, you MUST use your main character name as your 'User Name'. Any registration with an unknown user name will have their registration disabled.


You will receive an email which you must access to complete registration. This email goes automatically. This email always goes. This email does not fail. So, if you don't receive an email then there is something wrong your end. You either, spelt your email wrong, used a spam email addy or the email has gone to your trash folders.


Trial Period:


Trials usually last about 2 weeks of raiding, so if you are joining at a time where we are not raiding, ie. end of an expansion or tier if we are taking a break, or if you are joining mid Mythic progression and there is not a current spot for you, then the trial may well be delayed until raiding resumes or a spot is found for you.


New Guildies Guide


If you are a new guildie, this is the place to start. On this Home page you will find some key information which you will need to be familiar with:


  • Charter - here you can find out a bit about us and what our rules are, including how and when you can apply for promotions and who is who in the Officer Team
  • Loot - an explanation of Divine Retribution's Loot system
  • Raid Rules - If you want to raid, you agree to this.


I would stress that reading the charter is crucial if you want to become a member and progress with the Guild. It explains expectations and will help you fit in with us. We are a fairly small, but social guild and we do like to get to know everyone a bit. Having Discord and chatting in guild chat will help with that. Our website has become less used since we moved from Mumble Voice servers to Discord. However it does include 3 important parts of Guild life. The Introductions forum is where you will say your first hello to the Guild, the Availability Forum where you will always post when you are going to miss a raid. In addition, every Wednesday there is weekly news which often contains important information, so you should be visiting the website on a regular basis.




Raid Team



To raid with us the following apply:


  • You MUST have registered on the site and written your introduction.
  • You can raid as an initiate if there is a spot, but you will not have a guarantee.
  • You need to be geared for the raid you want to attend. We don't 'boost'
  • You must be properly enchanted and gemmed - we have plenty of max level professions within the guild to help you with this - but you provide the mats.
  • Flasks and potions must be brought to the raid. You need enough for 4 hours.
  • You must be active on the site so you are aware of the posts for tactics.
  • You must have Discord installed and working - You will need a mic. While being able to hear the Raid Leader and team is obviously of the utmost importance, a mic is necessary so that you don't have to stop and type mid-fight if asked a question, or if you are given a role which requires you to shout directions or announce your interrupt for example.  We suggest you sort this out before the Raid as we will not wait for you to install it

If you have just joined us and want to ultimately become a Raider then make sure you register and do your introduction so that you can become a Member as soon as possible. For this period of transition you may sign for any raids appropriate to your gear level.


Raid times vary and are indicated in the in-game calendar. Times are realm times.  You MUST be available for invites and in Discord at 7.45 prompt. At 11.00 (11.30 on a Wed) if we are about to down a boss I will ask if people are ok to go on for another attempt. If even one person says no - we stop with no bad feelings. We usually have bio breaks for 5 mins when flasks are out, and sometimes between bosses, if tactic adjustment is needed, for 10 mins.





Guild Master