Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU

Weekly Update Dec 2nd

Soo it's December! Doesn't time fly.. when you aren't here. I got hold of the Inflatable Thunderfury for the 11th anniversary and sat on top of my garrison fountain to show off how HUGE it looks on a gnome.. only to find out that a maggot had decided to join me!



Looking ahead


Yup, I'm back, so apologies for the loss of Jadenews.. you have to just put up with me now. A massive thankyou from me to her and Term for keeping things going while I was away - and for all you guys showing your support of them. This last month or so has been extremely difficult.. I still look for Lara everytime I turn round from my desk - and my trips up north to see my sister and her girls will continue. So I spose I need to talk just a little about how this might affect things for the guild.


I love WoW and am so proud of the guild we have here. 5 years of work, blood, sweat, tears... and a hell of a lot of laughs isn't something I can just walk away from. However, one of the reasons I played so much and put so much work into it was that I was housebound pretty much with Lara. I had always intended to travel and make up for being stuck at home when she eventually died - I've spent 6 years pretty much devoting every waking moment to her and I owe it to myself to actually leave the house now! Just as this time for some freedom arrives, my sister and her girls (who live 4 hours away) need my support as well. So this all adds up to me wanting to, and having to take time away from home. I am NOT quitting! But I will be a bit afk.


In some ways, timing-wise, me taking time away from WoW is good. Far better to be a bit afk while we wait for Legion than when it arrives or we are mid-raid. We have months before Legion arrives and unless we have 20, not much to do. So I am proposing that we firstly take a bit of a break - we will have Wed and Sun as Guild nights, people can just show up if they are around and want to kill Arch or do Mythics/Time Walking - pretty much as you have been doing. This is also a night when you might want to do some achievements, or farm claws or something and can be hope that there might be people about to help out! Term.. the font of all knowledge, thinks Legion will come around June. So April I'd like to step up some recruitment around April - and have all of you who arent around come back please! Spend the last 2 months seeing if we can clear some Mythics and getting the guild ready and sorted for Legion. Our weekly news will go to Monthly.. or an extra one if something exciting happens! We also need to think after Xmas about a Guild Meet - maybe July?


The Guild nights will not necessarily always have me or Term there to lead them. So its for you guys to pop on if you want some company and run what you want to! It scares me a little to do this - but with the news so far on Legion, even if we do go into a dormant state, I am pretty confident we will return with a vengance! We will keep our eyes on news for Legion and I will do a call to arms when we are ready to prep for Mythics - or for when the patch comes out.


If anyone wants to organise something different - then feel free to put it in the calendar and make a forum post so people know it's happening. Even if you arent logging into wow.. lets keep in touch on the website. This is your guild, let's make sure its still here when Legion arrives!


Guild and Raid News:


Grats on 100: Aenarion (Drew)


Promotion to member: Thanatiki - Thana has attended all events and really made an effort to be part of the guild.. good to have you with us! Also Styhl! Styhl is an old member who was a bit naughty and was forced to take a break but is now back as a reformed character!




So, Wed this week we tried Archi HC with 15. Actually, we did pretty well getting well into the last phase - but getting the kill elluded us, we really need more people to get that on farm. However, we went for a normal kill for those upgrades. Farming this on HC is something we need to do before Legion for the mount though.. so will definately be on the list when we kick start things again. Sun evening we did some Mythic dungeons for the valor. We had disturbing news - or interesting news, depends how you look at it, about 2 of our members. I think it's only fair that we address Zubs nickname of Tubs. Apparently, so we discovered this week, there is a possibility that he isnt just fat. According to Levy he has something in the oven.. possibly a bun. So please, in future use the name Tubs with a little discretion. The other member we discovered has a secret occupation was Kate (Tal) who has started his job according to Tigs as a Lap Assistant. Happy dancing Kate, hope the tips cover your sub! As usual, I found on my return that nothing had changed and that I cannot say a word without Levy changing the meaning. 'Grip it and beat it' was my instruction to Thana about the Abyssals!! Honest !!


EDIT: Events for Dec are up - INCLUDING tonight! Arch normal and.. stuff!


Other Stuff:


Fallout 4. What more can I say.. well quite a bit as it turns out. With my absence from home, I only managed to start playing last week and I have managed to get quite a few hours in (and over 1000 tin cans - well some are alluminium and some undefined) I know a few of you are playing.. those that arent.. well you should be. As you may well be aware, Fallout 3 is my fav game of all time. So how does FO4 compare? Well, overall its damn good. Much more like FO3 than New Vegas which is a good thing. I dunno if its the settlement thing - but I'm feeling like the story lines aren't as good as FO3, perhaps that will come when I get out more and stop doing the repeated quests all the time! Settlements threw me a bit.. felt a bit like the Garrisons all over again. BUT they are much more fun! I have avoided them as much as possible, but you can't avoid them completely due to the questlines. My advice if you want to put them on hold is NOT to build recruitment towers.


For those not playing.. play. Just do it. There's loads of comments about bugs... but honestly I have found very few. Its a great game! If WoW is uninspiring.. this will last you a good couple of months! Settlements mean you can build your own style community - building, shops, link them with other settlements, provide defenses.. then you have the game from a quest point of view on top of that. The radio station provides some great music... I have it on all the time and the scavaging is immense. Just wandering about the huge map  I love that you can pick up virtually everything you find - and unlike FO3, there's a use for pretty much all of it, converting it into materials to craft or build with. One thing I have done and regretted.. trying to do this without spoilers... pretty hard. The questline with the radio DJ - wish I hadnt done it.. he was SO much funnier before! One annoying thing.. the quest with the private investigator.. you can't stop once you start it and there is no warning.. so be prepared! So, who IS playing? Kate, Zubs, Averte.. anyone else?


On Fallout music.. here is one which I have rewritten for Aka! I might do some more from time to time.


The End of our WoW - a tribute to our long lost Aka!


Why does the raid go on running

Why does recount keep score

Don't Blizz know its the end of our WoW

Cos you dont love us anymore

Why do the melee keep sobbing

Why now are ranged far above

Don't Blizz know its the end of our WoW

It ended when we lost your love.

We log into WoW and we wonder

Why everything's the same as it was

We cant understand, no we cant understand

How WoW goes on the way it does.

Why do our heart go on beating

Why do these eyes of ours cry

Dont Blizz know its the end of our WoW

It ended when you said goodbye