Divine Retribution World of Warcraft Guild, Arathor EU

Weekly Update 30th Sept


This week's theme was pretty much all song and food!



Guild News:


Grats to: Term on getting Mightylock to 100!


Welcome to: Scrasypigeon (who should be joining us tonight)


Raid and Events News:




We skipped the entire lower floor this week and set about the upper floor on Wednesday. Wednesday...which this week was Wipe Night/Fright Night. We managed to wipe on bosses we usually one-shot for most of the evening and I have looked carefully at the logs to ascertain why this happened and who was at fault and mostly to blame. Having forced myself (it took quite some effort to achieve this) to look AWAY from Zubs for culpability, I think I have discovered the reason. We were 'Derricked' According to the urban dictionary - being 'Derricked' means being in 'A state of confusion' or 'To be mugged off' Either way, Uz's Rez Pet is apparently the cause of the confusion at not warming up on the lower floor bosses and as such should really take bone punishments that otherwise, and justifiably are usually given to the aforementioned Zubs.


Despite the wipes, we did clear to Archi and on Sunday and Monday set about beating him around the head with a good number of sticks. He beat us back with them I have to admit, however, we got to 12% on our best attempt! The first phases are now going really smoothly and we also managed decent transitions into the last phase by the end of the attempts. So one more step and we will be there! Good work from all this week, and nice to see that we can still have some laughs and keep the atmosphere light, even when we are working hard.


There were the usual 'in-your-end-oohs' (cc. Uzgob 2015) which I simply cannot repeat here for the sake of the children, throughout our raids, but we seemed to have singing on the brain as on Monday I 'hmmmm'd' and was met by a chorus of 'hmmm' in various keys. On Monday we had a most unexpected occurance - Term went offline. This never happens, whatever it is that Hungary do with their internet, Virgin could sure use some of their advice. However, he vanished and we held our breath. I quickly got a message from him that his electricity had gone down for a brief moment. Made me wonder if his dressing room mirror lights had overloaded the circuits or something, and 'Eye of the Tiger' was immediately playing through my mind.


The theme of songs continues, as the topic of bacon arose! Ok, confession - there was no song till I linked the pic... just work with me here.  I cannot reveal HOW this topic came up - but Jade's absence was noted and permission to discuss bacon was given. It went something along the lines of this:


Ers: Bacon is Life

Levy: I don't like bacon

Seph frowns with disappointement at Levy

Goats: Leave immediately!

Seph: get out of town!

Ers: I want you gun and your badge

Levy: Can't deal with it in the morning

Ers: Youre a loose cannon!

Ers: We can't have those kind of wild opinions on the force!



Elsewhere in other events, the theme continued (thats food... and song...)


Mount Run Thurs:


Averte as you know has a long standing and' intimate' relationship with our very own Zubs. He revealed to the faithful's attending the mount run on thursday that Zubs was actually a child star. I have managed to find evidence of this!




 Zubs IS the Milky Bar kid - that explains a LOT Zubs!




CMs: Tues


Unfortunately we had to cancel CMs as Zubs was visiting his new niece in hospital again. We all know that babies are cute Zubs - we can SEE you were as a child from your video above.. but c'mon, 2 nights in a row? Missing half the raid and all the CMs? Show some restraint man - step away from the child. Jade has decided that as punishment for making us cancel our planned evening at the last minute, Zubs should be awarded one bone for every second he was late. That's a week's worth of seconds. That's 604,800 seconds. That's 604,800 bones. Levy decided that an additional bone should be awarded for the 2.5 hours the rest of us would have gotten to DO CMs, which convieniently is 9000 seconds. Therefore Levy suggests we just round it up to one mounts worth. I agree. Final word is needed from our CM Chief Jade. We await her decision.


The coming week:


With Scrasy joining us, I am also hoping to talk to a warlock which will bring us pretty close to 20. We still really could do with a DK (aka! enuff already! cmon back we NEEEED u!) We have a number of people away over the coming weeks,so I may look to continue some recruitment so that we can be assured of 20 attending all 3 nights once we move into Mythic. There is debate that Mythic Assault is easier than Archi HC, but we are close - and the gear from Archi HC is pretty crucial in getting Mythics down past Assault, so I am intending to press on and that also gives me a little bit longer to fill the 20 spots.


As far as Archi HC goes, I want to make some changes on Sunday. We will clear upper floor tonight again - when Archi goes down (which he WILL - WONT he!) we can always pop back to the lower floor for anything anyone wants. Coming back to Archi HC... I want to send more people into Banish to get people out faster. I also have some idea's for the last phase positioning and timing. Lets get this done n down!


Other activities: I'd like to have one Sat evening a month for achievement runs. We want to get a SoO clear to Garrosh so we can add this to our Thurs MoP Mount run, and there are still some achievements left for Glory of the Draenor raider. So keep an eye on the calendar for those coming up.

Thats it - have a great week everyone!